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Contents -My family timeline -News in my life timeline -My family tree -Happy -Sad My goals: -Near future -Future -Distant future -Other info -Bibliography.

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3 Contents -My family timeline -News in my life timeline -My family tree -Happy -Sad My goals: -Near future -Future -Distant future -Other info -Bibliography

4 My family timeline 20002011 My birth 2001 Uncle came home from mission 2002 Mum & dad married 2003 Twins born 2010 Moved To NZ Moved to Temple View 2004 Eliza born 2005 I Started School 200620072008 I Was baptized 2009 Jonah Was baptized Mum Got A Job In NZ Grandad Died 

5 News time line 2003 2000 New Millennium 2001 Twin Towers Disaster 2002 Bali bombed Space Shuttle Colombia lost 2004 2005 Hurricane Katrina Southern Asia tsunami 2006 Pluto is no longer a planet 2007 2008 2009 2011 Japan tsunami 2010 Four year old Madeleine McCann disappeared Obama elected Samoa tsunami Haiti Earthquake

6 My Family Tree Seren-Mai Dearden- Skoludek 11/04/00 Donna Marie Howells 11/06/68 Maree Jean Williams 21/10/48 Ivy Davies 4/8/12 Glyndwr Williams 27/12/08 Leslie James Howells 28/2/47 Lilly Pritchard 5/4/11 James Frederick Howells 11/4/10 John Phillip Dearden 21/05/72 Wendy Protheroe 29/5/42 Elsie Maud Bateman 31/8/20 Richard john Prothroe 22/9/17 Philip Dearden 13/3/40 Thelma Griffiths 11/6/10 John Dearden 20/1/07

7 Me at my Baptism My happy memory!!! My Baptism My baptism was the best day of my life, with all of my relatives & friends, yummy food, beautiful talks & songs. I was baptised on the 13 th April 2008, at Huntingdon chapel in U.K, by my dad, Peter Skoludek. The speakers were my uncle Laurence, who is my mother’s youngest brother & my mum herself. She spoke about baptism, she prepared a baptism bag for me to keep which included a white towel, a poem, a light to remind me of righteousness & many other symbolic objects. My relatives came up from Wales which is four hours away. It was great to have my baby cousin stay with me. Our dear friend Emma sang a song about Stars as my name, Seren is the Welsh word for star. Unfortunately she had lost her voice so she sang a bit squeaky. I was glad this was the worst thing to happen though for when my brother got baptised he froze as the heating had broken down, so I was very lucky because my water was nice & warm!!! After I was baptised I got baptised I confirmed to the church and had welcoming talks from the bishopric & primary. Finally we had one of the best bits, food. We had a huge cake, muffins, chips, fruit, sandwiches & pizza. I had a great time during my baptism & I’m having a superb time being a member of the church!!!!

8 My sad memory The death of my granddad The saddest day of my life was when I found out that my granddad was dead. I loved my granddad, so (like any of you) I was really sad. My granddad died from leukaemia cancer that he had for about 1 year, before he died. It was really hard because if any of us had a cough, headache, sore throat or any other sickness we couldn’t see him, so me and Jonah only saw him once in the whole time. When he was alive, he was really fun to be with. He would take us on walks and he could name any animal or plant that we saw. he would tell us amazing stories from when he was little. He was the funniest person ever! When I found out that he was dead I was so sad, but the saddest was my mum because he was her dad. a few days later we went to Wales for the funeral. I had never been to a funeral so I had no idea what was going on, but figured it out. It was a special time to say goodbye, everybody loved him so much there were about 700 people there. I miss my granddad and I wish he was still with us.

9 My goals Near future I want to learn basic Te Reo Maori. Future Get into the E.T.P Programme at Fraser high Distant future Get Married in the temple to a returned missionary

10 Other info I was born in Wales. My dad is aboriginal so I am part aboriginal. I have 2 dads. I arrived in N.Z. on January 1 st 2010. I live in Temple View. I have 3 brothers. I have 3 sisters. I go to the L.D.S church. I was born on April 11 th 2000. I love acting. I love baking.

11 Bibliography Thank you to: Mum - Donna Marie Skoludek Dad - Peter Skoludek Dad - John Phillip Dearden BBC news archives Google

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