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2 E MERGENCY E SSENTIAL O ILS Trauma Life Aroma Life Clove PanAway Helichrysum RC Raven Frankincense Thieves Peppermint Purification Eucalyptus Globulus

3 RC Myrtle which supports the respiratory system and helps treat chronic coughs and tuberculosis. It is suitable to use for coughs and chest complaints with children. Sinus decongestant and alleviates throat infections. Pine opens and disinfects the respiratory system, particularly the bronchial tract. According to Daniel Penoel, M.D., pine is one of the best oils for bronchitis and pneumonia. Spruce helps the respiratory and nervous systems. It is anti-infectious, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. Marjoram supports the respiratory system and reduces spasms. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial and antiseptic. Lavender is antispasmodic, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. It is relaxing and grounding Cypress promotes blood circulation and lymph flow. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antimicrobial, mucolytic, antiseptic, refreshing and relaxing. Peppermint is a powerful nasal and lung decongestant with antiseptic properties. It opens nasal passages, reduces cough, improves airflow to the lungs, and kills airborne bacteria, fungi and viruses. A 1994 double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized cross-over study at the university of Kiel in Germany found that peppermint oils exerted a significant analgesic effect (which deadens or relieves pain) (Goble et al., 1994).

4 RC I have taken 3-4 drops of RC in 1/2 cup of hot water, hot enough so it doesn't burn the finger and place the cup close to the nose and mouth and cover head with a towel and inhale the moisture and aroma and it will pull a person out of an asthma attack and opens up the nasal passages and bronchioles. Diffuse RC, especially with the new diffuser it will help increase the moisture that you need to open the sinus and bronchial passages. It’s great for children with plugged noses. When applying RC to the chest and the ball of the foot ( the reflex points for the lungs) and you want to increase the oxygen into the lungs, apply marjoram on top of the RC. This will drive the RC into the smooth muscle of the lungs. By doing this protocol, it helped a gentlemen re-inflate his collapsed lung. Another gentleman had to carry oxygen with him all the time to keep his oxygen level up at 94, but with out the oxygen, it would drop down to 77.94; 98 is the normal oxygen. When I applied RC to his chest it brought his oxygen level up to 94 in a matter of minutes and stayed there. Without RC or any oxygen it would drop down to 77. I like to see things first hand and this was an experiment that I did when I taught a classes and a nurse had her portable oxygen monitor with her. Everyone wanted to know what their oxygen level was and I was curious if it would raise the oxygen level for those that had normal oxygen level and it did. It raised those that were at 94 to 96 and those at 96 to 98.

5 RC Also I have used RC along with Idaho Balsam Fir to dissolve a huge bone spur on my heel. Why Idaho Balsam Fir?? Because it has a natural cortisone-like action which doctors give to their patients before they will do surgery. That was the only way I could get mine to dissolve. RC alone was not enough for me but a lot of people have had great success with just RC on bone spurs. RC may help give relief from colds, bronchitis, sore throats, sinusitis and respiratory congestion. Apply 3-4 drops on chest and cover with a hot wet wash cloth then cover with a towel and leave on as long as possible or until cold, apply to the balls of the feet, can even put your feet in a foot bath after applying the RC to the feet. Apply on the sinus areas on the face and forehead, and swab the nose with a Q-tip dipped in RC.

6 E UCALYPTUS G LOBULUS Eucalyptus Globulus : It is listed in the British Pharmacopoeia as an herbal medicine, the essential oil of Eucalyptus Globulus is high in ecualyptol (also known as 1.8 cineol). The oil has strong antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, and is highly regarded for its ability to improve respiratory function and combat infections of the sinuses, esophagus, lungs, and throat. Eucalyptus Globulus also produces ozone, a highly reactive anti-septic of oxygen. Ozone is documented as one of the best air purifiers, being effective in removing odors and airborne bacteria.

7 EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS According to Dr. Jean Valnet, M.D., an emulsion of only 2% Eucalyptus Globulus can kill 20 % of airborne Staphylococcus bacteria. Dr. Jean Valnet M.D. recommends to use Eucalyptus Globulus for: General antiseptic purposes Treating malaria, typhus, and measles; reducing blood sugar; fighting respiratory infections, such as bronchitis, tuberculosis, influenza, pneumonia, and sinusitis; combating asthma; opening the sinus and respiratory tract; removing intestinal parasites and worms; and treating wounds and burns. Eucalyptol (1.8 cineol) occurs in high concentrations in Eucalyptus Globulus and other eucalyptus species. It is responsible for the oil's ability to decongest the lungs, clear sinus passages, and contributes to a good deal of its anti-infectious, respiratory supporting effects on throat/lung/sinus infections. It is also effective for hypertension and is considered a mucolytic, diuretic, and antibacterial

8 HEART ISSUES Clove Helichrysum Aroma Life Clove Helichrysum Aroma Life Angina Arteriosclerosi s

9 HEART ISSUES Clove Helichrysum Aroma Life PanAway Helichrysum Clove Aroma Life Congestive Heart Failure Heart Attack

10 HEART ISSUES Clove Aroma Life (Lemongrass) Aroma Life (Peace & Calming) High Cholesterol Tachycardia

11 HEART ISSUES Clove Helichrysum Aroma Life Stroke

12 R ESPIRATORY ISSUES E. Globulus RC Thieves Raven Purification PanAway Peppermint Clove Thieves (Ravensara) BRONCHITIS FLU

13 RESPIRATORY ISSUES RC Thieves E. Globulus Clove Raven Thieves Peppermint RC Purification PNEUMONIA COLDS

14 RESPIRATORY ISSUES RC Frankincense Raven RC Peppermint (Wintergreen) E. Globulus Peppermint RC Raven Thieves ASTHMA CONGESTIVE COUGH

15 R ESPIRATORY ISSUES E. Globulus Raven RC Frankincense Peppermint Thieves Peppermint Raven RC Thieves SINUS CONGESTION NASOPHARYNGITIS

16 R ESPIRATORY ISSUES Peppermint RC Raven Thieves RC E. Globulus Peppermint SINUSITIS RHINITIS COUGH

17 R ESPIRATORY ISSUES Thieves Frankincense Peppermint Thieves Raven Thieves E. Globulus Frankincense Raven SORE THROAT STREP THROAT

18 T RAUMA Emotional Trauma Trauma Life Frankincense Blood Clots Clove PanAway Helichrysum Bruising Helichrysum Burns Helichrysum, (Lavender) Clove Peppermint Purification PanAway Thieves INFLAMMATION & INJURY

19 Trauma Life Frankincense Peppermint Coma& Shock T RAUMA

20 I NSECT STINGS & B ITES Purification PanAway Peppermint (Melrose) Purification Thieves PanAway BEE STINGS BROWN RECLUSE

21 I NSECT STINGS & B ITES Peppermint Thieves RC (Tea tree) Peppermint Purification CHIGGER & TICKS REPELLANT

22 PAIN Arthritis PanAway Peppermint Clove Helichrysum E. Globulus Frankincense PanAway Helichrysum (Wintergreen) ARTHRITISBONE PAIN

23 PAIN Peppermint Clove PanAway Helichrysum Peppermint (Lemongrass) CHRONIC PAIN CARTILAGE INJURY

24 PAIN PanAway Peppermint Helichrysum Lemongrass PanAway Helichrysum Peppermint Clove Aroma Life (Raindrop) LIGAMENT SPRAIN/TEAR SCITATICA

25 MISCELLANEOUS Peppermint E. Globulus Thieves Clove Purification RC FEVERINFECTION

26 MISCELLANEOUS Helichrysum Peppermint RC Frankincense NOSEBLEEDSSEIZURES

27 MISCELLANEOUS Peppermint PanAway Purification RC POISON OAK & IVY

28 12 ESSENTIAL OILS FOR EMERGENCIES !! Trauma Life Aroma Life Clove PanAway Helichrysum RC Raven Frankincense Thieves Peppermint Purification Eucalyptus Globulus

29 NOW YOU KNOW!!! Live Well ~ Be Well

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