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Planaria Regeneration Activity Information Heads will…roll?

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1 Planaria Regeneration Activity Information Heads will…roll?

2 Lab Objective I’ll just come out and say it: – You’re going to be cutting heads off. Yep, that’s right, we’re going to look at an animal that may be new to you… …and then decapitate it. – It’s gonna get all French Revolution-y up in here.

3 The Test Subjects Planaria are flatworms, part of the animal phylum Platyhelminthes. They have a relatively simple body plan. – Most obvious are their two eyes which have two dark photoreceptors within them (making them look a little cross- eyed). Their mouths, however, are not where you’d expect to find them.

4 Planaria Anatomy

5 Planaria Anatomy

6 The Lab Sequence Pretty self-explanatory in the class copy of the procedure on which you won’t be writing or spilling water, but here’s a short summary: – Use a pipet to transfer planaria to your petri dish. – Separate the head from the tail at one of three locations using a plastic cover slip. – Check in on the planaria on other days to see how long it takes them to regenerate using their crazy planarian stem cells.

7 Other Options You may need to chill your planarian and/or reduce the water in the petri dish with a paper towel. – Don’t touch the planarian with a paper towel, though. Need ice? It’s in the cooler.

8 Analysis Questions They’re on the back. Some of them need to be completed before you start. – Really. The rest can be completed before you turn this in. I guess that’s it. Have fun today!

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