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Principals of Draping Page 347 ST Page 211 Fuller.

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1 Principals of Draping Page 347 ST Page 211 Fuller

2 Drapes are applied as an extension of the sterile filed. Drapes must meet several characteristics to be effective.

3 Where do Drapes live? Drapes can be in your custom pack. Read your pack label. Drapes will also be individually peel packed. Open the correct drape for your case if it is not in your pack.

4 Order of Usage You will need to stack your drapes in the order of their use. For example: from top to bottom 4 folded blue towels – on top to use first Laparoscopy Sheet – on bottom to use last Some scrubs will place the surgeons gloves and gown on top of this stack.

5 Prep Field must have already been prepped with prep solution such as Betadine, Hibiclense, Alcohol or Duraprep before drapes may be applied.

6 After skin is prepped, we will provide either 4 blue towels or 4 sticky drapes. Look to page(s) 354- 363 in your ST book (3 rd edition), table 360

7 We will fold the blue towels, making a 2 inch cuff. We will NOT hand the drapes/towels over the patient or unsterile area. Walk them around to the Dr.

8 Towels first The towels will be placed so as to outline the operative area. Once the towels/drapes are placed, the edges are considered non-sterile. If any of the prep soaks thru- considered strike-through and removed via the circ.

9 Placing Towels The towels and towel clips (if needed) will taken to the filed as one (not one towel at a time). Towels are placed with the folded edge down, placing the first towel closest to the person draping. The next two are placed superiorly and inferiorly. The last towel is placed opposite the fist. Refer to fig 12-21 A ST

10 Drapes After the towels or sticky drapes (passed in the same manner as the towels) are applied, we move on to the drape itself. As mentioned before the drape must open around the incision site and cover the patient. You may need to walk the drape around to the Dr., do not pass it over the pt.

11 Extending the drape. Once the surgeon has the drape, he/she will place the fenestration over the incision site. Unfold the drape, watch your sterile boundaries. Do not let the drape fall below your horizontal field.

12 Surgeon preference as to which way to unfold first, towards the head or foot. When unfolding to the head, MAKE A CUFF, COVER YOUR HAND. Anesthesia will be grabbing the underside of the drape to secure to I.V. poles so that they have access to pt.’s head and for protection.

13 Drapes will need to be specific for your case. Drape out the following individuals:

14 Lithotomy position Case: Vag hys. LAVH Stone removal

15 Supine Position Case: C-section Lap Chole Incarcerated Hernia Open appy

16 Prone position Case: Spine Surgery Hemorrhoid Surgery (modified position to what is shown) Achilles tendon repair

17 Beach chair position Case: Shoulder sx

18 Lateral position Case: Nephrectomy Hip (modified from this position)

19 Preference Cards As the name suggests Covers the major items and preferences that the surgeon will request during the case THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO READ PRIOR TO YOUR CASE!

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