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 Sertun™ Reversible Sanitizer Indicator Towels  Featuring Color Check™ technology  Be Sure You’re Sanitizing. Sales Guideline.

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1  Sertun™ Reversible Sanitizer Indicator Towels  Featuring Color Check™ technology  Be Sure You’re Sanitizing. Sales Guideline

2 Marketing support  High-profile packaging  Celebrity Endorser: Chef Robert Irvine  Account Planning Worksheet  Distributor Sell Sheet  End-User Sell Sheet  4-page Brochure (end user audience)  2 Promotional Videos (featuring Robert Irvine)  DSR Sales Training Video  Instructional Packaging Video  (live May 1st)  Sertun™ Sales Presentation Guideline  Trade show graphics/exhibits

3 Go-to-market strategy Target: End Users  Questions you need to ask Do you use Quat sanitizer? Do you use a bucket system? o If the answer is “no” to either one of these questions they are not a target What are we selling to the end user?  Confidence  Safety  Peace-of-mind  Convenience

4 Target: End Users  Focus on end users who make sanitation a high priority  Focus on larger customers who have local buying authority  Once you have the right targets- map them out  Make a list of your top 25 targets using the Account Planning Worksheet Go-to-market strategy

5 End-User Sell Sheet

6 Go-to-market strategy Target: Distribution  What are we selling to the distributor? Higher Gross Profit on the sale of Sertun™ towels Ability to cross sell other SKUs in their non-foods line up Innovative new product to show your customers

7 Distributor Sell Sheet


9 The color indicates when the sanitizer has left the towel when wiping. The color indicates when the sanitizer solution in the bucket is no longer at the effective level. Unmet Need, Met Operators can now SEE and KNOW that they are sanitizing, can monitor staff easily and have piece of mind that they are staying compliant and worry about other areas of their business. Product Attributes

10 9600 13.5” x 18” 150/case Invoice: $29.97 Suggested Resell: $37.46 9650 13.5” x 18” 50/case Invoice: $11.34 Suggested Resell: $14.20 Pricing

11 9600 DOT: PFG: 421218 Sysco SUPC: USF: 9650 DOT: PFG: Sysco SUPC: USF: Distributor Item Numbers

12 You will need: A clear bucket Quat sanitizer Ranch dressing A Sertun™ towel Quat test strips Sertun Demo Instructions

13 Prep: Make a 200ppm quat solution with luke warm water (DO NOT USE COLD WATER) Check the solution with a QT test strip to make sure its at the proper level Spread a light sheen of ranch dressing onto the surface (do not use too much, this may effect color change back to blue) Sertun Demo Instructions

14 Use: Take the Sertun Sanitizer Indicator Towel and add it to the 200ppm sanitizer solution. Squish the towel around until you see the wiper turn from Yellow to bright Blue. (explain that this will take 45-60 seconds for the initial change) When the towel is bright blue, fold it into 4 squares with the blue check side out. Sertun Demo Instructions

15 Use: Wipe the area where the ranch dressing is, using all 4 sides to get the blue towel almost completely yellow. Show the towel as it turns yellow while wiping. Return the used yellow towel to the sanitizer solution and squish around until it turns bright blue again. (this will take less time that the first one) Show the operator the bright blue re-charged towel. Sertun Demo Instructions

16 After the first reversible color change… Explain that the color change will happen back/forth until the solution is no longer effective- the used yellow towel will not turn bright blue again. They can refer to the bucket sticker to compare the towel color to the color wheel to determine effectiveness. When the towel will not change back to blue, they will need to make a new bucket of sanitizer solution. Then place the used yellow towel into the new solution and the towel will turn bright blue again. When this does not happen, it is time to replace the towel. Product demonstration

17 FAQ Common Answers to Common Questions Do not use with detergents or bleach. No, we do not have a towel that indicates bleach. No, it doesn’t work with a spray bottle system. Do not use with baking powder or soda. Sertun™ towels were designed to last for one 6-8 hour shift. Store Sertun™ towels in a cool place out of the light. Sertun does not need an MSDS sheet. You do not need a red bucket specifically for this product to work. The health inspector shouldn’t object to using this towel because in essence you are still using a wiping tool and sanitizer to sanitize surfaces as stated in the Food Code.

18 FAQ Common Answers to Common Questions If the towel is not bright blue as indicated on the bucket sticker, than the solution is not effective. Yes, it will work with any Quat- most of the testing has been done with Simple Solutions® or Oasis 146. If a fresh yellow towel is put into a bucket of water, it will stay yellow. If a fresh yellow towel does not turn bright blue before 60 seconds, check the sanitizer level. It may take longer to change in cold water. This wiper is not designed to be used with disinfectants. Sertun™ towels will stain like any other towel.

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