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2 ITINERARY – Saturday 2 March 8.45 (TBC)Pupils to arrive at school Luggage loaded onto the bus (suitcase 30” x 15” x15” max) 9.00Depart Saint Kentigern’s Several comfort stops on way to Dover. 22.10Depart Dover 23.30Arrive Calais

3 SUNDAY 3 MARCH Approximately a 12 hour journey to Pila in the Aosta valley in Italy. 7.30 amBreakfast stop in France (vouchers provided) 12.00Approximate arrival time

4 For the journey Dress comfortably – warm jacket A SMALL rucksack with: A small cushion/pillow Full packed lunch and dinner Juice/water (No Fizzy Drinks please) Overnight toiletries – toothbrush,toothpaste, deodorant, face-cloth and small towel Book/magazine/puzzle book etc Dvds (clearly named) – 12 or pg only please! Travel sickness medication if required SKI SOCKS!!!

5 MOBILE PHONES / ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Pupils choosing to take mobile phones/DS/Ipod/MP3 players do so AT THEIR OWN RISK It is not advisable to take expensive electronic equipment / cameras (No safe in rooms) UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD MOBILE PHONES BE TAKEN ON TO THE SKI SLOPES – THEY ARE LIKELY TO BE BROKEN AND/OR CAUSE INJURY.

6 PACKING One suitcase/bag maximum 30” x 15” x 15” SKI GEAR: Waterproof jacket and salopettes Ski/Tube socks (3 pairs) Thermal top/vest and thermal leggings/long johns Microfleece x 2/3 Cotton polo neck/ long sleeved t shirts x 2/3 Goggles and sunglasses Ski gloves and warm hat Fleece neck warmer/scarf High factor (25+) suntan cream and lip balm Helmet Hire for all pupils will be paid for from fundraising

7 Packing 2 APRES-SKI: Warm casual clothes – (jeans/trousers/long sleeved tops) One disco outfit Underwear and socks Sturdy trainers or flat boots Spare gloves/hat/scarf Pyjamas Swimsuit / trunks Swimming hat One small towel (for swimming) Toiletries Travel Adaptor

8 Medication If your child is currently taking any prescribed medicine or has any medical condition that you have not informed us about, please do so this evening. Please see Mr Cordiner to clarify medication details and to complete self-medication form. Spare inhalers, clearly labelled with pupil name should be handed in to Mr Cordiner by Thursday 21 th February.

9 Behaviour – Code of Conduct We expect good behaviour and common sense at all times during the trip. Any serious indiscipline could lead to a pupil being sent home which would obviously result in a major cost to parents as it would entail a flight home for your child and a return flight for the accompanying member of staff. All pupils and parents have signed code of conduct.

10 INSURANCE Interski Group Insurance – You have a copy of key facts from the last parent evening Medical excess – £35 per medical referral (payable from fundraising) Any other excesses payable by parents.

11 Spending money Maximum 140 euro – 10-15 euro a day quite adequate (envelope clearly labelled with pupil name and amount – 10/20 euro notes preferred) Pupils choosing to take additional cash will do so at their own risk Suggest £20.00 (£10.00 each way for journeys to and from Italy)

12 Final Fund-raising effort Football Cards Bag Packing Saturday 2 February – Armadale 11.00-1.30 or 1.30- 4.00 Friday 8 February – Livingston 1.30-3.30 or 3.30 – 5.30 MORE HELP REQUIRED PLEASE - Even an hour of your time would help!

13 RETURN ITINERARY SATURDAY 12 MARCH 18.30 TBCDepart hotel – overnight drive to Calais SUNDAY 13 MARCH 07.00 Ferry crossing from Calais to Dover Breakfast on Ferry (included) 17.00Approximate arrival time at Saint Kentigern’s (pupils will confirm 2 hours prior to arrival)

14 MONDAY 11 MARCH 8.45 amAll pupils (and staff!) back at school!

15 BEFORE YOU LEAVE TONIGHT: See Mrs Cordiner if you have any further medical details to tell us about, to tell us about your child’s Ski experience/ability and to hand in EHIC. See Mr Christie to fill out Parental EE2 (compulsory form for all school trips) and to collect a code of conduct copy See Mr Quinn for luggage labels, to hand in SNowCo forms and cheques and add your name to the Bag Packing Volunteer list if possible!


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