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003 Flashing picture. SHAMPOO & CONDITION UNIT 003.

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1 003 Flashing picture


3 Connect Activity See if you can match the hair condition with the correct shampoo Lemondry Coconutnormal Normalmedicated Dry scalpoily

4 Aims and outcomes Introduce the learners to the shampoo and conditioning process Introduce the learners to the massage movements Introduce the learners to PPE Personal protective equipment Outcome Learners to create a chart showing the different massage movements for shampooing and conditioning Learners to describe the ppe required for the shampooing and conditioning service

5 PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Your client must be correctly gowned and protected before shampooing starts. YOU MUST USE Gown Towel Plastic cape

6 MASSAGE MOVEMENTS EFFLEURAGE Shampooing massage movements How is it performed? Slow, smoothing, stroking massage movements done with the palms of the hands during shampooing

7 MASSAGE MOVEMENTS ROTARY How is it performed? Small, firm, circular massage movements using the pads of the fingers. What is its function? To massage shampoo into the hair and scalp. To remove dirt, products and sebum.

8 Step 2 Check the temperature of the water with the client and then apply the water. Thoroughly wet the hair and scalp, taking extra care around the hairline so that you don’t wet the client’s face. Turn off the water.

9 Turn on the taps and test the water temperature on the inside of your wrist before testing on the client’s scalp. Step 1

10 Dispense the correct amount of shampoo (about the size of a two-pence piece) into the palm of your hand and emulsify between both palms. Apply from hairline to nape of neck using effleurage massage technique. Step 3

11 Start rotary massage technique from front hairline to nape, around side hairlines and then through middle sections until the whole head has been covered. Repeat until the shampoo begins to lather. Step 4

12 Step 5 Turn the water on and rinse thoroughly. Turn off the water. Repeat shampoo application and massage techniques. Turn the water on and rinse until all shampoo has been removed.

13 Turn off the water and gently squeeze hair to remove excess water. Use a towel around the shoulders to stop any drips from the hair entering the eyes or face. The hair is now ready for the next hairdressing service Step 6


15 IN DIRECTED STUDY LESSON You must create a chart showing Different Massage movements, how to do them Personal protective equipment required For your client

16 Recall and Review Using the wipe board Name the massage movement used to spread shampoo Name the massage movement used to release dirt, products and grease Name the massage movement used to spread conditioner Name the massage movement used to stimulate the scalp

17 Well Done

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