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TURNDOWN SERVICE 5Stars deluxe City Hotels

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1 TURNDOWN SERVICE 5Stars deluxe City Hotels
Sequence of Service June 2009

2 Turn Down Service Standards :
The turndown service must be provided daily between 18h00 and 21h00 for assigned rooms (see minimum standards per hotel category) and Executive Rooms, Suites and VIPs as well as for any other room where guests requests turndown service. If do not disturb sign present, an information card must be left under/on the door. The bedspread (if applicable) must be removed. The bed sheets/duvet must be folded back neatly.

3 Turn Down Service Standards :
If only one person occupied the room – then turndown to be done at the telephone side or side the guest has already chosen. Eventually placed pyjama by the guests to be folded neatly on the duvet/bed sheet (see picture with tray) No flower and no towel sculpture to be used at any time

4 Turn Down Service Standards :
The bedspread is stored away, it must be placed either in a cloth bag or on a shelve, never directly on the floor. The runner must be placed neatly (new picture without bathrobe but with runner)

5 Turn Down Service Standards :
Curtains must be fully and neatly drawn unless room shows an exceptional view. Should this be the case, close it half-way to 1/3 of the window and leave it up to guest to fully draw (see Picture – please provide one sample of each).

6 Turn Down Service Standards :
The bed side lamp and the standing lamp must be turned on (soft lighting) Music channel with relaxing music must be switched on (if applicable)– If guest is in the room upon servicing it, this has to be confirmed with guest first.

7 Turn Down Service Standards :
Bed-side floor mats to be placed upon turn down service along bed side (1 per guest) Slippers (sealed) to be placed on bed-side matt (see picture) Decoration pillows to be placed on the armchairs

8 Turn Down Service Standards :
The room service breakfast menu must be left on the folded back duvet/sheet along with a good night amenity – 1 per person (see picture). Additionally the flyer of the events/special of the day should be laid (if applicable)

9 Turn Down Service Standards :
The waste basket must be emptied The ashtray must be empty and clean. The room must be organized with all amenities returned to their original position (please place your standard pictures).

10 Turn Down Service Standards :
Complimentary mineral water (Aquafina 0.5l) to be replenished and be placed on bedside table with clean glass on coaster (see picture) – one per guest. Food amenities should be refreshed or replaced with new china/glass/silver/linen if used

11 Turn Down Service Standards :
The guests clothes must be folded and arranged neatly (on tray). All the shoes must be paired and neatly arranged (see picture).

12 Turn Down Service Standards :
Do not touch and not clean any valuable of the guests as money change, camera, laptop or jewelry left by the guest.

13 Turn Down Service Standards :
Used stationery must be replenished. Any used glasses, soiled plates and cutlery must be removed from the room. Newspapers or magazines must be arranged neatly (as per room standard). The television cabinet must be opened for the guest (If applicable).

14 Turn Down Service Standards :
The TV remote control must be placed on bed side table (same side as turndown if only one person). The ice bucket must be refreshed (suites only) Minibar and coffee/tea facilities must be refreshed Any used towels must be replaced with clean ones. The water glasses in the bathroom must be clean Use bathroom amenities must be replaced (if they are empty) as per Jaz Hotels & Resorts standard per category.

15 Turn Down Service Standards :
Personal toiletries must be organized on face towel (see picture).

16 Turn Down Service Standards :
The sink must be in good shape (shiny and clean) The toilet must be checked and clean The bathroom floor must be clean and not slippery. The bath and shower areas must be spotless One bath math in front of the sink and one bath math in front of shower and tube if all available

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