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Table Manners China vs. America

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1 Table Manners China vs. America
By Megan Tepper

2 Eating Habits in China Sample every dish on table
When eating rice hold bowl close to mouth Eat lightly at meals, could be up to 20 courses

3 Eating Habits in America
Food is passed to the right Try little of everything Keep table cloth clean Food lifted to mouth Repulsive to talk with mouth full No elbows on table

4 China’s Chopsticks Chopsticks for eating rice
Rude if chopsticks are stuck straight up in bowl Chopsticks for eating rice Polite if try to use chopsticks Bad luck in set parallel on top of bowl, or dropped

5 Americans Utensils Start with the outer utensils, and work in towards your plate Only spoon provided is soup spoon Salad fork has thicker tine at left Fish fork and knife Most inner fork and knife are for meat If tea or coffee or going to be served a teaspoon will be brought out with it

6 Chinese Hot Towel Tot towel is provided at end of meal
So one can wipe hands and mouth at end of meal

7 American Napkin Once seated put napkin on lap
Napkin should not be crumpled or twisted At informal occasion is used to clean up mess that occurred during meal Once seated put napkin on lap Only meant to dab the lips and not get dirty After meal place napkin loosely near plate

8 Chinese Table Manners Not rude to reach in front of someone to grab something Polite to reach for food with chopsticks Chinese host like to put food on your plate for you Place bones or seeds in different dish Your host will fill up your dish if it is empty Never take the last bit from a serving dish

9 American Table Manners
Food is passed around the table If something is out of your reach, you ask politely for someone to pass it to you Not rude to leave plate full Not rude to leave your plate empty Not rude to take last item off dish

10 Business Table Manners in China
Banquets start around 6:30-7:00 p.m. Last about 2 hours Arrive 30 minuets before you guests Business is not always discussed during a meal Never eat before your host Return the favor

11 Business Table Manners in America
Arrive early, especially if you are the host Pay for the meal in advance Courteous to hold the door open for male and female Business is discussed during the meal

12 Special Occasions in China
Big elaborate meals Usually held at restaurants that consist of 10 or more courses Rice is not served

13 Special Occasions in America
Usually only gather for special occasions or holidays Families travel across country for special meals Extra cooking and preparing

14 Values in China Still have customs and traditions
Have not let things become unimportant Significance into their meals Personal approach

15 Values in America Manners surround being polite and proper
Traditions have become unimportant thus have forgotten about them No customs in table manners, only what looks nice No significance

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