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2 AIM : What happens if some baking soda is heated in a test tube?
What safety precautions must be taken during this experiment?

3 EQUIPMENT Goggles and apron Peg board and clamp
Test tube with baking soda Glycerin and towel #2 1-hole stopper and short glass bend Long rubber tubing Gas collection bottle and bucket Alcohol burner and wire stand 2 test tubes with brewed tea

4 What do you predict will happen when the baking soda is heated?

5 Materials needed for Part 1 of the experiment – Can you identify them?

6 Add a pencil’s width of Baking Soda to the test tube.

7 Set up the the test tube with baking soda and the alcohol burner.
Notice that the test tube is clamped to the pegboard and sits on the wire stand. Why do you think that it is angled?

8 Safety Equipment that will be used in this experiment

9 In our experiments this year we will use a form of Alcohol, called Methanol, as our burner fuel.

10 Goggles and Apron must be worn whenever we use an alcohol burner!!

11 You must be very careful when inserting any glassware into a rubber stopper!!

12 The stopper must be lubricated with Glycerin and held with a towel when inserting the glass bend.

13 Add a drop of Glycerin to the stopper.

14 Hold the stopper with the towel.
Hold the glass bend near the tip as you insert it into the stopper.

15 About 1/8” of the glass bend should protrude from the bottom of the stopper.

16 Fill the bucket ½ full with water and fill the gas collection bottle.


18 This is how your final setup should look.

19 After you have finished heating the baking soda, always remove the rubber tubing from the gas collection bottle before extinguishing the flame.

20 What might happen if you extinguish the flame first?

21 Setup for Tea Test

22 Place 10 cc. of tea in each test tube
Place 10 cc. of tea in each test tube. Add the heated solid to one test tube and regular baking soda to the other. Observe.

23 Can you pick out the problems with this set up?

24 What problems can you find with the way this experiment is being run?


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