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7 th Grade Science Cells and Internal Structures Review.

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2 7 th Grade Science Cells and Internal Structures Review

3 A:B: PlasmaCells #1 All organisms are composed of __________. C:D: CytoplasmInorganic matter

4 B. Cells

5 A:B: Cell wallChloroplast C:D: Lysosome Vacuole #2 Which two structures are present only in plant cells? (B & F) In this diagram.

6 A. Cell wall & B. Chloroplast

7 A:B: plasmachloroplasts C:D: cellsNone of these In organisms, ______ are the basic unit of life and are found in all tissue and organs. #3

8 C. Cells

9 A:B: It gives the cell shape and support C:D: Both of theseNone of these It controls cellular activities #4 The nucleus in a cell contains chromosomes made of DNA material. What is the function of this nucleus? (D) In this diagram.

10 A. It controls cellular activities

11 A:B: MitochondriaGlucose C:D: ChloroplastsVacuoles #5 What are the small green structures in plants that trap energy from the sun and allow it to produce its own food? (F) In this diagram.

12 C. Chloroplasts

13 A:B: PlantAnimal #6 Photosynthesis occurs in what type of cell? C:D: MitochondriaVacuole

14 A. Plant

15 A:B: MitochondriaNucleus C:D: Vacuolenone of these #7 In this diagram, which organelle indicates the part of the cell that contains most of the cells DNA?

16 B. Nucleus

17 A:B: GlucoseBrain C:D: MitochondriaAmoeba #8 The organelle that changes sugar into a substance that the cell can use for energy. (E) in this diagram.

18 C. Mitochondria

19 A:B: GlucoseBrain #9 Which of these is an example of an organelle? C:D: CytoplasmAmoeba

20 C. Cytoplasm

21 A: B: Cell Theory Organism Theory #10 *All organisms are made up of one or more cells. *Cells are the smallest unit of life. *All cells come from pre-existing cells. These are the main facts of _____ _____. C: D: System Theory Amoeba Theory

22 A. Cells, tissue, organs, organ systems, organisms

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