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The cell organization Created by Mrs. Alldred Edited by Mrs. Rogers.

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1 The cell organization Created by Mrs. Alldred Edited by Mrs. Rogers

2 Cells

3 Tissues

4 Organs

5 Organ Systems

6 Organisms

7 Control and Boundaries A. Nucleus B. Nucleolus C. Cell Membrane D. Cell Wall

8 Nucleus Nucleolus

9 Nucleus Control center- Boss- Brain Contains DNA Nucleus Nucleolus

10 Makes the ribosomes Nucleolus

11 Cell membrane

12 Cell Membrane Serves as a boundary between the internal and external environment. Controls the material that enter and leaves the cell.

13 Cell Wall Supports and protects the cell. Plants and fungi both have cell walls. Cell Wall Cell membrane

14 Plants- cell wall is made out of cellulose Fungi- cell wall is made out of chitin

15 Fungal and Plant Cell Diagram

16 Storage and Assembly A. Cytoplasm B. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) C. Ribosomes D. Rough ER E. Smooth ER F. Golgi complex G. Lysosome

17 Storage and Assembly H. Vacuole I. Mitochondria J. Chloroplast

18 Cytoplasm Gel-like substance- mostly water Surrounds and protects the organelles.

19 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Assembles and transports protein (ribosomes) “Transportation” of the cell (like a bus) Folded membrane

20 Rough ER ER with Ribosomes on it

21 Ribosomes - Smallest organelle Small structures made up of protein. Helps your cuts heal Endoplasmic Reticulum with ribosomes on it

22 Smooth ER ER without ribosomes on it.

23 Golgi Complex vesicle

24 Golgi Complex Packages materials to be sent out of the cell. “Warehouse- shipping unit of the cell” Forms vesicles to send things out of the cell.

25 Vesicle Packages of material to be sent out of the cell.

26 Lysosome

27 Have digestive enzymes- recycles waste Helps kills germs in the cell Tadpoles loose their tails due to lysosomes.

28 Lysosome

29 Vacuole

30 Temporary storage “Sac of fluid” Often stores food, water, and enzymes. A plant has one large vacuole

31 Mitochondria Makes energy for the cell (ATP) Allows for cellular respiration “Power house” or the “Electric Company ”

32 Chloroplast

33 Large green structures that contain chlorophyll. Allows plants to make their own food.

34 Animal cells Do not have chloroplast or cell walls !

35 Plant Cell

36 Golgi Complex,

37 Animal Cell

38 Bacteria cells

39 Leukemia cells

40 Blood Clot Forming

41 Red Blood Cells

42 Bacteria cell

43 Nucleus

44 Mitochondria

45 White Blood Cell


47 White Blood Cell and Red Blood Cell

48 Neuron Cell

49 Smooth Muscle Cell

50 Cancer Cell

51 Cancer cell being attacked

52 Brain Cancer

53 Breast Cancer Cell

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