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Vocabulary:Relationships Learning Zone -English Universidad Metropolitana Título V Campus.

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1 Vocabulary:Relationships Learning Zone -English Universidad Metropolitana Título V Campus

2 Index 1. Definitions Definitions 2. Vocabulary: Relationships & Family Vocabulary: Relationships & Family 3. Vocabulary: Marital Relationships Vocabulary: Marital Relationships 4. Vocabulary: More Relationship Words Vocabulary: More Relationship Words 5. Practice Practice 6. More Practice More Practice 7. Bibliography Bibliography

3 Definition Relationship: 1. A connection between people by blood or marriage. 2. The condition or fact of something being related to something else; a connection or association. 3. An emotional or other connection between people. 4. A romantic involvement. Index

4 Vocabulary: Relationships & Family 1. mother- madre 2. father- padre 3. daughter- hija 4. son- hijo 5. brother- hermano 6. sister- hermana 7. aunt- tía 8. uncle- tío 9. cousin- primo (a) 10. nephew- sobrino 11. niece- sobrina Index

5 Vocabulary: Continue 1. grandchildren- nietos (as) 2. granddaughter - nieta 3. grandson- nieto 4. grandfather- abuelo 5. grandmother- abuela 6. grandparents- abuelos 7. great-grandchild- bisnieto 8. husband- esposo 9. ex-husband- ex-esposo 10. wife- esposa 11. ex-wife- ex-esposa 12. parents- padres Index

6 Vocabulary: Marital Relationships 1. divorced- divorciados 2. engaged- comprometidos 3. married- casados 4. unmarried- sin casar 5. separated- separados 6. single- soltero (a) 7. widow- viuda 8. widower- viudo Index

7 Vocabulary: More Relationship Words 1. acquaintance- conocido 2. boss- jefe (a) 3. colleague- colega 4. employee- empleado 5. employer- patrono 6. fiancé- prometido 7. fiancée- prometida 8. friend- amigo (a) 9. best friend- mejor amigo (a) 10. neighbor- vecino (a) 11. partner- compañero (a)

8 Practice: Choose the correct answer 1. My sister and I go to the same school. a. madremadre b. compañerascompañeras c. hermanahermana 2. Christine is happily married. a. comprometidacomprometida b. casadacasada c. divorciadadivorciada Continue



11 Practice: Choose the correct answer 3. This is my fiancé, Edgar. a. prometidoprometido b. esposoesposo c. esposaesposa 4. They got married on May 29. a. divorciarsedivorciarse b. casaroncasaron c. separarsesepararse Continue



14 Practice: Choose the correct answer 5. They are working partners. a. compañeroscompañeros b. jefes jefes c. esposos esposos 6. I went to the meeting with a group of colleagues. a. colegascolegas b. jefa jefa c. compañeracompañera Continue



17 Practice: Choose the correct answer 7. My boyfriend works at Universidad Metropolitana. a. hermanohermano b. novionovio c. esposo esposo 8. The proud parents have a baby boy. a. madremadre b. padrespadres c. padre padre Continue



20 Practice: Choose the correct answer 9. My cousin lives in Detroit, Michigan. a. tíatía b. primoprimo c. cuñada cuñada 10. My nephew is a soccer player. a. sobrino sobrino b. primaprima c. primoprimo Continue



23 More Practice Quiz Index

24 Bibliography Index

25 Revised by: Prof. María Isaac – English Coordinator Cristabel R. Ocasio Ilarraza – English Tutor October 2009 Index

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