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The Present Tense.

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1 The Present Tense

2 hablo = I speak juego = I play llego = I arrive
In Spanish, the words for ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘we’, ‘they’ are not used very often with verbs. Instead, the ending of the verb tells you who ‘is doing’ the verb. hablo = I speak juego = I play llego = I arrive If you look up ‘speak’ in the dictionary, you will probably not find ‘hablo = I speak’, you will find the basic verb, THE INFINITIVE hablar = to speak From this basic verb, you need to know how to change it to say ‘I speak’, ‘you speak’ ‘he speaks’ etc…

3 Most infinitives end in –ar. Some end in –ir or –er. These are the 3
main groups and each group has its own set of endings. ar verbs: e.g. hablar – to speak (yo) hablo – I speak (tú) hablas – you speak (él/ella) habla – he/she speaks (nosotros) hablamos – we speak (vosotros) habláis – you speak (pl) (ellos/ellas) hablan – they speak

4 er verbs: e.g. comer – to eat
(yo) como – I eat (tú) comes – you eat (él/ella) come – he/she eats (nosotros) comemos – we eat (vosotros) coméis – you eat (pl) (ellos/ellas) comen – they eat

5 ir verbs: e.g. vivir – to live
(yo) vivo – I live (tú) vives – you live (él/ella) vive – he/she lives (nosotros) vivimos – we live (vosotros) vivís – you live (pl) (ellos/ellas) viven – they live

6 There are some verbs, which change slightly in the middle of the
word sometimes. These are called Radically Changing Verbs Jugar – to play Notice, that every time except with ‘we’ and ‘you plural’, an extra ‘e’ creeps in… Juego – I play Juegas – You play Juega – he/she plays Jugamos – we play Jugáis – you play (pl) Juegan – they play volver = ‘to return’ is also radically changing: vuelvo – I return

7 Some verbs are simply ‘irregular’ and have to be learnt by heart.
‘tener = to have’ and ‘ser = to be’ belong to this group. hacer – to do hago – I do haces – you do hace – he/she does hacemos – we do hacéis – you do (pl) hacen – they do ir – to go voy – I go vas – you go va – he/she goes vamos – we go vais – you go (pl) van – they go Make a note of these IN THE BACK OF YOUR BOOK

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