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2 Academic Roadmap

3 Our Faculties: (from right) Professor Indrani Chakraborty Professor Sabitabrata Ghosh Professor Sharmistha Datta Mondal (from left) Professor Debolina Byabortta Professor Tanusri Roy

4 About Us Professor Indrani Chakraborty Area of research: The representation of the Subaltern in Contemporary Indian Writing in English Special Interest: Modernism and Postmodernism Professor Sharmistha Datta Mondal Special Interest: Spoken English and Journalism Professor Sabitabrata Ghosh Area of Research: Significance of Letters and Messages as they Appeared in Helen Keller's Writings. Area of Interest: Indian Writing In English Literature

5 Publications Professor Indrani Chakraborty Publications in peer reviewed journals (national): Title: “Our Bankim, Their Bankim: Reading the Text and the Index in Krishna Kanta’s will” Ref. Journal / Book: Journal of the Department of English, University of Calcutta Pages: 247-257 Key: Paper Volume: XXXIII Date: 2006-2007 Place of publication: Kolkata Chapter in Books: Asif Currimbhoy: India’s First Authentic Voice? Ref. Journal /Book: Indian Drama in English Pages: 351-359 Key: Paper Date: 2011 Place of publication: New Delhi ISBN: 978-81-203-4289-7 Professor Sabitabrata Ghosh A book yet to be published Two writings published from socialist perspective and another two from Prabhuddha Bharat

6 Routine 2014 - 2015

7 Result

8 Preparing for the Future: Communicative English Programme officials: Professor Sharmistha Datta Mondal Professor Sabitabrata Ghosh


10 Departmental Activities A colourful beginning Students Participating in Departmental Seminars Christmas Celebration Bidding Farewell to the Students Bidding Farewell to the Guest Lecturers

11 Departmental Stall in the Golden Jubilee Closing Carnival

12 Future Plans Departmental Membership in an esteemed library is being considered to provide students with adequate exposure At least three ICT classes and interactive sessions with audio- visual aid Departmental programmes consisting of debates, extempore, students’ papers and skit Selective exposure to alternative media based on the syllabus, such as, the film adaptation of Macbeth by William Shakespeare, which will serve as educational tour A language lab to help students in the competitive field, is under development. Thank you

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