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SSPP Church History Post-Reformation to Vatican II.

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1 SSPP Church History Post-Reformation to Vatican II

2 The First Vatican Council (1869-1870) The Purpose of the CouncilThe Documents of the Council The Council was called to… ▫Condemn modernism & rationalism (a heresy that rejects the existence of the supernatural, including the existence of God) ▫Restate the Faith in areas in which it had been attacked ▫Provide safeguards for Christian education & marriage ▫Review clerical life ▫Issue doctrinal statement on the Church  Examine the relationship between the Church & the new modern democratic states The Council issued two major documents: ▫Dei Filius: reexamined the relationship between the Church, the Faith, revelation, & reason ▫Pastor Aeternus: defined the role of the pope in the Church & his special charism of infallibility

3 The First Vatican Council (1869-1870) Papal Infallibility The Interruption of the Council These conditions must be present for the pope to teach infallibly, that is, without error ▫He must teach as successor of St. Peter, not just the bishop of Rome ▫The subject must be on a matter of faith & morals ▫The teaching must be binding on all the faithful ▫The pope must declare the teaching to be definitive The Council was interrupted by the outbreak of the Franco- Prussian War ▫Pope Pius IX suspended the council indefinitely ▫It was not officially closed until just before the opening of the Second Vatican Council

4 The Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima (1917) The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to 3 Portuguese children: ▫Jacinta ▫Francisco ▫Lucia Mary told them that God was greatly offended by the sins of the world She asked for the children & all Catholics to: ▫Pray the Rosary daily ▫Make personal sacrifices for the conversion of sinners ▫To consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart

5 The Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima (1917) There were many supernatural marks verified the authenticity of Fatima ▫Our Lady predicted the ending of World War I ▫Our Lady predicted that World War II would begin during the reign of Pope Pius XI Jacinta, Francisco, & Lucia all lead simple lives of humility & holiness ▫Our Lady predicted that Jacinta & Francisco would die at a young age ▫15 years after her death, the body of Jacinta was exhumed & was found to be completely incorrupt ▫Lucia went on to become a Discalced Carmelite nun ▫Pope John Paul II beatified Francisco & Jacinta in 2000

6 The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima Our Lady predicted the “miracle of the sun,” which showed divine approval of Fatima’s message ▫The sun “danced” in the sky before 70,000 eyewitnesses ▫Some were believers, agnostic, atheists, and others who were as far as 25 miles away

7 The Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) The Purpose of the CouncilDocuments of the Council The council was called to… ▫Develop ways to present the teachings of the Church to those who were skeptical ▫Take the Gospel message to a world in desperate need of God’s love after living through 2 world wars ▫Demonstrate the validity of the teachings of the Church rather than condemn erroneous & heretical views There were a total of 16 documents; 4 of them were major documents called: ▫Sacrosanctum Concilium: called for a renewal of the Liturgy ▫Lumen Gentium: discussed the Church’s mission ▫Dei Verbum: discussed how the truths of the faith are transmitted, inspired, & interpreted ▫Gaudium et Spes: examined how the Church related to the modern world

8 The Second Vatican Council (1962- 1965) The Council called for the laity to live out the call for holiness ▫It’s not just a call for priests & religious sisters, but we’re all supposed to live lives of holiness The Council also allowed for a greater acceptance of the use of the vernacular languages, but maintained the primacy of Latin

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