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RCT Homes Celebration of Learning Nicola Marvelley Learning & Development Manager.

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1 RCT Homes Celebration of Learning Nicola Marvelley Learning & Development Manager

2 Aims About RCT Homes Share our learning goals How the range of support provided by Connecting learners has helped us Bring to life an example of how one of the workshops has really ‘made a difference’ - ‘Every dog has his day’!

3 RCT Homes – A Landlord First ‘To provide the best services, designed and delivered with our communities’ A LandlordAn employer More than 10,000 properties 367 staff Set in 3 Valleys – Rhondda, Cynon, Taff 4 Homes and Neighbourhoods Offices ; 25 Sheltered complexes Over 230 thousand people Call Centre & HQ based in Pontypridd Quality Housing services – Wales Housing Quality Standard; affordable & safe homes ; Providing the best customer service Evolved to become RCT Homes Group Homeforce – gas servicing Meadow Prospects – Regen charity GrEW & Young Wales- social enterprise

4 More Than a Landlord Provided Employment & training opportunities to over 1000 people Trainee programmes Staff volunteering – e.g. ‘Give and Gain’, ‘Ziggies’, Tenant Advocates...

5 Our Learning Focus Deliver more of a blended approach Encourage ownership for learning Equipping leaders Improving essential skills Building the environment

6 How Connecting Learners helped Support with promoting learning 6 Book Challenge & Quick Reads (16) Advice & Information on the role of Union Learning Reps Opportunities to attend a range of workshops, including: 196 learners in total Computers for the terrifiedCV writing & interview skills Presentation SkillsPerforming Better Together Report writingChocolate Box maths Stress awarenessEssential skills Awareness

7 The PBT Challenge... 51 learners attended our Performing Better Together (PBT) workshops delivered by Peter Green in 2011. Aims were to: Engage people with the process by increasing understanding & ‘buy in’ Encourage people to take ownership for their own performance & development Help people to align their goals to the organisation Motivate & have some fun!

8 What People thought... “I can help myself be more effective in my job”. “I can now use my PBT to develop myself personally and therefore to help deliver a better service to tenants” “I’m more confident in achieving my goals” “I can now get the most out of my reviews & give better feedback to my line manager” “I have a better understanding of the PBT process”

9 Key Results 96% rated ‘Good’ or ‘excellent’ PBTs more embedded Staff engagement increased by 20% Sickness from 14 days pp to 8 IIP Bronze achieved Nov 11

10 ‘Every Dog has his day’ Review of PBT course by ‘Nanook’ (age 18 months)

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