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KEEN4 Green Corner Tips: Inexpensive Ways to Save Energy and Water in an Apartment.

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1 KEEN4 Green Corner Tips: Inexpensive Ways to Save Energy and Water in an Apartment

2 EACH DROP COUNTS! SO SAVE IT!!  CLOSE TAP : while BRUSHING/ SHAVING etc. & open only when required.  Low-Flow Showerhead : Remove your old showerhead and replace it with a low-flow model. When you move, pack up the low-flow showerhead and put the original showerhead back on. KEEN4KEEN4

3 EACH DROP COUNTS! SO SAVE IT!!  Repair LEAKY Taps/ faucets: Don't let a slightly leaky faucet go unrepaired. Leaks account for 13% of home water usage. You can fix it yourself or get your landlord to do it.fix it yourself  Aerators: Put aerators on your taps/faucets to save water. KEEN4KEEN4

4 CUT YOUR ELECTRICITY BILLS!  Plastic Window Insulation/Bubble Wrap : Insulate your windows by covering them with plastic. You can remove the plastic when you leave the apartment. Bubble wrap is another great way to insulate your windows.  CFL Bulbs CFL bulbs: They save a lot of energy. Also, turn off lights when you are not in the room.  Shade Your Air Conditioner: If you have a window-mounted air conditioner, you can save energy and money by shading it from the sun. The cooler the air conditioner, the more efficient it runs. KEEN4KEEN4

5 CUT YOUR ELECTRICITY BILLS!  Pay Attention to Your Fridge: In an apartment building, 25% of your electric bill may go towards the fridge.  Tips : o Keep its compressor coils clean to ensure your energy bill stays low. o Cover Your Food. o Check the fridge's seal. o Fill your fridge with water jugs to keep it full and colder. KEEN4KEEN4

6 CUT YOUR ELECTRICITY BILLS!  Surge Protectors/Power Bars : Phantom power is a problem, and it can be hard to remember to unplug every single appliance from the walls. With surge protectors and power bars, you only have to unplug one plug. Some power bars can stop phantom power with the flick of a switch.  Exhaust Fan Cover : Cover your kitchen and bathroom exhausts in the winter. Removable covers can be purchased for these exhaust fans. KEEN4KEEN4

7 CUT YOUR ELECTRICITY BILLS!  Air Conditioner Cover : Put a cover on it to stop heat loss.  Door Sweep : If your doors are drafty, you can arrest that draft by putting a door sweep on your door.door sweep  Raise the Humidity in the Winter : Humidity makes your apartment feel warmer. Set pans of gray water near the radiator to increase humidity. Green plants are also good humidifiers, a good reason to grow plants/vegetables indoors. KEEN4KEEN4

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