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THE STATUS A quarterly business newsletter from Status Group Volume 2, Issue 1 First Quarter 2009 From the desk of Allan Goldner, Chairman & Founder Special.

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1 THE STATUS A quarterly business newsletter from Status Group Volume 2, Issue 1 First Quarter 2009 From the desk of Allan Goldner, Chairman & Founder Special Points of Interest: Words from the Chair. Inside The Status: Status Council 2 Spotlight Motivational Points 3 NCET: Dave Archer 4 An Expo Event 5 Featured 6 Service Providers Upcoming Meetings 6 “In reaffirming the greatness of our nation, we understand that greatness is never a given. It must be earned. … It has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things…who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom.” -President Barack Obama Inauguration speech These fine words from our new President speak about all of us entrepreneurs. It’s our daily struggle, in these most difficult of times that define who we are and what we’re made of. We continue to fight it out each day, refusing to buckle under or give in to failure. Each day of stress, each night of sleeplessness, every phone call to and from creditors, banks and other lenders, friends and family, all to try and hold off the wolves for just another few weeks. Hoping against hope, determined and resolved, we get into it every day and do battle. I’m proud that our new President recognizes the contribution that small businesses and the people who drive them, continue to benefit our country. Having said that, I don’t have a magic bullet to help in the struggle, but here’s some practical advice for desperate times. Don’t hide. Talk to your creditors. They are keenly aware of the situation on an unprecedented level. The fact that you can be found and willing to discuss the situation goes a long way. If there is some small payment that you can make, tell them and be sure you deliver. If you can’t, say so and tell them that you accept responsibility for the debt and will make every effort to honor it. Be honest and live up to any commitment you make, but be reasonable when you make them. Everyone will work with you these days. Don’t be bullied. Debt collectors only get paid when they can collect a debt. They are only effective when they can threaten and unnerve you. Just because you owe Home Depot $300, does not mean you’re going to debtors’ prison. When dealing with a collections company, whenever possible, make your payment to the vendor directly. Collection companies are brutal and rude and only care to intimidate you. Any loan or lease is negotiable. More likely than not, your landlord will happily accept half rent over no rent. Sometimes, you just have to ask. It’s better to do this before you get behind, but often they won’t talk to you unless you’re already in trouble. So be it. Find out what other properties around you are being offered for lease and use that as a starting point in your negotiations with your landlord. Look hard at what your staff is doing. By picking up a few small tasks, you might save a salary. Allan Goldner If you are out of options, don’t fret when considering a bankruptcy. If you’re able to pay your current bills and are getting murdered by old debt, Chapter 11 allows for just this situation. If you can’t go on at all, Chapter 7 makes it all go away. (Except monies owed to State and Federal entities). A few years from now, when all the smoke clears, there will have been so many bankruptcies, that it will hardly be a black mark on your credit. -More-

2 Page 2 First Quarter 2009 (continued…) BTW, when you’re trying to survive, don’t worry about your credit and don’t feel bad about credit card companies. The more trouble you’re in, the higher the rates they’re charging. They are not your friends and they probably have made their money back from you already. Don’t give up and certainly don’t give up easily. Sayings like, “it’s always darkest before the dawn” are cliché but true. I personally have experienced the truth of that statement and lived to fight another day. And if you are in debt up to your neck, what‘s a few more inches. Keep fighting. While we will all be busy surviving this terrible downturn, be sure to make some time to plan the rest of what might just be a good year. From the desk of Allan Goldner, Chairman & Founder Mary Drury is a Shareholder and Chair of the Transactional Department at Marquis & Aurbach in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her practice focuses on transactions and business, with an emphasis in real estate. She documents and oversees entity formation, land and business acquisition, construction agreements, loans (construction and permanent), general operational and contract needs, and the ultimate sale of land or improved properties and businesses. She previously served as Associate General Counsel of Station Casinos, Inc. Ms. Drury is the only Nevada attorney serving on both the State Bar of Nevada's Executive Committee of the Business Law Section and Executive Committee of the Real Estate Section. These sections, among other things, draft statutes for consideration and adoption by the legislature of the State of Nevada. Ms. Drury frequently lectures in continuing education programs on the subjects of business and real estate, including but not limited to, purchases and sales, finance, title issues and leasing. After graduating from the University of Southern California, she obtained her Juris Doctor from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. Contact Mary Drury at 702-382-0711 or Introducing ….Guest Speaker Mary Drury Status Council Spotlight Join us… Tuesday, March 10th 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the Stirling Club Topic: Protecting your Start Up Presented by: Mary J Drury, Esq.. of Marquis & Aurbach Shareholder and Chair, Transactional Department Focus on transactions and business, with an emphasis in real estate.

3 Volume 2, Issue 1 Page 3 The Status Columnist: Allan Goldner, Status Group Chairman Motivation For A New Year -2009!. Ever find yourself looking around the office trying to figure out where you left your motivation? It’s got to be around here somewhere. You know you had it when you first began your new business. You’ve run across it from time to time as your business developed. It’s got to be here! Did you look under the complacency? It might be over by the procrastination. Sometimes it can fall behind the frustration and get stuck by the stress or even end up in the rut. Well, at least you know it’s missing. Some folks go on with their daily activities without even realizing it’s gone. Entrepreneurs by their very nature are highly motivated people. It’s that quality which drives one person to go out on his own rather than simply going through the motions at the old 9-5. I learned a long time ago, that no one can motivate someone else. You’ve seen it yourself. You’ve probably wondered why your key employee has every tool at his disposal, every opportunity to make more money, and a great chance for promotion, and yet doesn’t seem to be able to get going. The fact is that people can only motivate themselves. What might motivate one doesn’t do it for someone else. And, as there are many different types of entrepreneurs, there are as many different ways for one to stay motivated. Some like to pipe in the canned motivation speak with the celebrity expert using the IPod during the workout or the car stereo on the way to work. If that lights your candle, listen away. Some entrepreneurs read trade magazines to get moving, they should read on. Others attend conventions to find like minded entrepreneurs and get collectively jazzed up; schmooze away. Now that I’ve covered all of the above, prepare yourself for the unexpected: an offering of advice from the columnist. Go to your quiet place and think about all the different reasons you decided to do what you do. Try to relive the time when, what you are doing now was merely a dream of yours. Why did you want this? What did you hope to gain from doing this? Are you closer to your goals than when you first considered going into business? Is this better than what you were doing before? You might be starting to feel a little better. After all, even if you’re not doing very well financially, at least you know it and won’t get a surprise pink slip. You might reflect that at least you have a friendly boss now. Yeah, you’re the boss. And, perhaps feeling a little more motivated is all you need to clear the next hurdle. You’re doing what you do because you took charge of your destiny. You didn’t wait for it to find you. Win or lose, you’re the one calling the shots. Wait a minute, what’s that underneath your vision, next to your determination and sitting right on top of your courage, it’s your motivation.

4 THE STATUS A quarterly business newsletter from Status Group Volume 2, Issue 1 Page 4 Inside The Status Status Group News Spotlight Clients Status Group Update Status Blog Events & Notes NCET, Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, helps Nevadans start and grow businesses and connects them to the resources they need to succeed. NCET’s programs include the NCET Entrepreneur Expos, the Silver & Gold Venture Capital Conference, the Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Collegiate Business Plan Competition, the NCET Technology Awards and eWeek Nevada. NCET is an independent award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded by public contributions, sponsorships, program revenues and limited grants. While NCET receives no state funding, it works closely with the Nevada Commission on Economic Development. Dave Archer is Chief Executive Officer of Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET). Dave has over 30 years of experience in all facets of technology, media and service industry management and business development. Dave spent 17 years at Viacom, initially at Viacom Cable, where he introduced numerous new products and services including Pay-Per-View, home-shopping and commercial telecommunication services. Dave created and managed Viacom World Wide, providing strategic planning and business development services to major international media clients around the world. At Viacom, Inc., he created “Showtime Arabia,” an international joint venture that delivers a multi- lingual satellite programming service to the Middle East. Dave Archer

5 Speaker Sessions 8am - 5pm Exhibit Floor Open - 11am - 7pm FREE to Attend - Register ONLINE If your customers include small businesses, start-ups or early stage businesses, plan to exhibit at NCET’s Entrepreneur Expo Whether someone is an entrepreneur, starting a new business or wants to expand an existing business, the free Entrepreneur Expo provides: Access to organizations that can help jump-start a business Expert advice on virtually every facet of starting and running a business Presentations and Panels Include: Business Valuation Compensation Structure Corporate Structure Creating a Business Plan Do and Don’ts of Starting a Home-Based Business Financing a Startup Intellectual Property Legal Issues Loan Applications Marketing and Promotion Public Relations Technology in Business And, many more… Reserve your 8’ x 10’ booth now Businesses and other for-profit organizations - $250 Non-profits, educational institutions and governmental agencies - $50 Reserve your booth now by contacting Emily Lowe Somerville at 775-853- 4226 or Volume 2, Issue 1 Page 5 THE STATUS A quarterly business newsletter from Status Group

6 THE STATUS A quarterly business newsletter from Status Group Volume 2, Issue 1 Page 6 Inside The Status Status Group News Spotlight Clients Status Group Update Status Blog Events & Notes Providing Service…. CertaPro Painters which was founded in 1992, provides interior, exterior, and special painting services to residential and commercial customers. Christina Lerner and her husband Brian, together started their company here in Las Vegas three years ago. “We were willing to look at an industry that we had never thought of before – we hadn’t known there were painting franchises and would not have thought of it - so it opened up a whole different business arena for us,” said Lerner. Christina Lerner, who has previous experience as a faux and decorative painter liked what she found within Certapro Painters franchise business model. It was different – CertaPro Painters were looking for people who knew how to run a business and who could provide good customer service, not people who could paint. Coincidentally, Gina Goldner used CertaPro Painters to paint her Pennsylvania home before moving to Las Vegas. When she arrived here, in Las Vegas, Gina called CertaPro Painters to paint their home. As it turns out, the Goldner’s were one of the first customers of Christina Lerner! “Gina and I became very close friends”, says Lerner. “she bought out my husband, who went on to work with her husband in another industry. So my first customer became by business partner, and we have not looked back since!” Lerner handles the commercial/government side of CertaPro Painters of Las Vegas which accounts for about half of its business, while Goldner oversees the residential aspect. As for the future of the company, “I see only great things,” Lerner said. “Our goal was to be the premier painting company in Las Vegas and the standard by which other painting companies are judged. Our goal was $10 million in 10 years, and we can do that with a combination of residential business and commercial and government work, as well as adding new products along the way to complement the painting industry.” Contact CertaPro Painters at: 702-951-9827

7 Volume 2, Issue 1 Page 7 THE STATUS A quarterly business newsletter from Status Group Status Group Future Meetings February & March 2009 ******************************************************** Professional Business Networking Thursday, February 12th 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Join us for an evening of networking and relationship building Hosted by Location: 3041 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, Ste. 130 Henderson, NV 89103 ******************************************************* Status Office Events Thursday, February 19th 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Co-sponsored with For an evening of networking and relationship building. Location: Status Group LLC 8920 W. Tropicana Ave, Suite 105 Las Vegas, Nevada 89147 RSVP Paola Crow, Director of Client Services 702-252-7005

8 THE STATUS A quarterly business newsletter from Status Group Volume 2, Issue 1 Page 8 Inside The Status Status Group News Spotlight Clients Status Group Update Status Blog Events & Notes Private Event Tuesday, March 3 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. By Invitation Only Status Group and SNMIC's EHR Initiative Welcomes the Las Vegas Medical Community Speaker: Ernest Barela, CEO of Freemont Medical Center Will Speak about: "The Importance of Electronic Health Records" Location: The Stirling Club ******************************************************* Status Group Invites…. A Success Story…. Status Group is proud to announce that one of our clients is about to close on a three million dollar startup loan from a traditional bank. We were honored to have developed and produced the business plan that definitely defied the odds! Our plans are serious business! Call our office for details about our business products or visit our website at 702- 252-7005 8920 W. Tropicana Ave, Suite 105, Las Vegas, Nevada 89147

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