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Creative Strategies to Enhance Your Effectiveness as a SCHOOL COUNSELOR.

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1 Creative Strategies to Enhance Your Effectiveness as a SCHOOL COUNSELOR

2 Stone, 2009 2 Why Creative Techniques?

3 Stone, 2009 3 THEORY AND CREATIVE TECHNIQUES ADD IMPACT TO SCHOOL COUNSELING PROGRAMS BY… Increasing their effectiveness, which can decrease time spent in responsive services Creating a school-wide common language Creating a common understanding of healthy behavior among all stakeholders Improving communication among students, parents and staff Adding energy

4 Stone, 2009 4 Five Kinds of Creative Counseling Use of Props Use of Chairs Use of Movement Use of Writing and Drawing Use of Analogies and Fantasies Application of these techniques will enhance your effectiveness as a school counselor

5 Stone, 2009 5 Impact Therapy (IT): Creative Counseling Techniques (p. 3) Four M’s of IT Multi-sensory Motivational Marketing Maps RCFF Rapport Contract Focus Funnel

6 Stone, 2009 6 The Depth Chart 10 9 8 IMPACT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Effective Sessions Go Below 7

7 Stone, 2009 7 EIGHT COMMON MISTAKES OF COUNSELORS (Jacobs, 1994) 1. Reflects much more than necessary 2. Listens to too many stories 3. Rarely interrupts the client 4. Does not focus the session 5. Waits too long to focus/ funnel 6. Does not use theory 7. Makes counseling boring–rarely uses creative techniques 8. Does not pay attention voice and face FYI Avoid these pitfalls! FYI Avoid these pitfalls!

8 Stone, 2009 8 IMPORTANT SENTENCES IN COUNSELING (p. 7) All behavior is purposeful Thoughts cause feelings Get your expectations in line with reality You teach people how to treat you Life is a series of choices

9 Stone, 2009 9 STAGES OF CHANGE (p. 9) (Prochaska, Norcross & Di Clemente, 1994) Pre-contemplation: Not even thinking about changing Contemplation: Thinking about changing, or thinking about thinking about changing Preparation: Getting ready to change Action: Doing it; making changes Maintenance: Working on it Termination: All done; changed; different

10 Stone, 2009 10 RATIONAL EMOTIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY (REBT p. 12 ) Ellis, 1962 Sustained negative feelings are caused by what we tell ourselves about a situation. REBT counselors use an ABC approach A = the situation or person or event B = the beliefs or self-talk about A C = feelings and behavior B causes C but most people believe that A causes C

11 Stone, 2009 11 REBT Ellis, 1962 REBT counselors often use a Not True/True grid when disputing Not True True It’s awful that I don’t like when he acts this he acts this way. way, but I can stand it. I can’t stand it! Thoughts Cause Feelings! Feelings Lead to Behaviors

12 Stone, 2009 12 REBT Ellis, 1962 REBT counselors teach & confront their clients about self-talk REBT counselors use phrases like ‘It would be nice or It’s too bad.’ Clients use words like ‘awful, terrible, or horrible’ REBT counselors look for shoulds, musts, demands, commands People’s problems center around three musts: I must You must The world must

13 Irrational Ideas Common Irrational Beliefs of Kids, Parents, Teachers (p. 15 -20)

14 Stone, 2009 14 REBT & Creative Techniques (p. 21) (Jacobs, 1994) Tapes/CD/Files Cards $1 bill LFT Blocks Coin flip Balls Hammer Behind You Shield Filter Cups Fuse Chairs

15 Stone, 2009 15 TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (p. 28) (Berne, 1964) Parent Adult Child Critical or Nurturing The Thinking Part Hurt Child or Fun Child

16 Stone, 2009 16 TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES Ego grams Chairs Scripts you are living Drama Triangle Four Life Positions : I’m not OK—You’re OK I’m OK—You’re not OK I’m not OK-You’re not OK I’m OK—You’re OK P R V Girl Drama

17 Stone, 2009 17 Which Kid Are You? p. 35

18 Creative Techniques (p. 38 - 40) Props Chairs Movement Writing and Drawing Analogies and Fantasies Attention! Counseling ShouldNEVER Be Boring Attention! Counseling ShouldNEVER Be Boring

19 Stone, 2009 19 PROPS Shield Filter Coke Bottle Cups Fuse Beer Bottle Dolls Plate Hammer 1 $ bill Post-it Pads Cards Tapes/CDs Rubber bands Stacked dolls In Face/Behind You Tigger/Eeyore Backpack

20 Stone, 2009 20 CHAIRS Goals Trying to decide between two things Distance Representing ego states Holding on to chair Trying to sit in two chairs at once Standing on chairs Chair you no longer fit in

21 Stone, 2009 21 MOVEMENT Standing on chair Fear of change Standing in corner Circling drama triangle Out the door Feeling pulled Evaluation of progress Movement between chairs & walls Going in circles

22 Stone, 2009 22 WRITING AND DRAWING WRITING AND DRAWING TA drawings REBT disputes Stroke economy Ego grams Home, school, friends Lists Powerful phrases Board of directors Enmeshment 1 – 10 ratings

23 Stone, 2009 23 ANALOGIES AND FANTASIES ANALOGIES AND FANTASIES Pot bound: Plants need bigger pot Gardening: Weed regularly Learning a new language: Daily practice Skiing: Start on easy slope Dieting: takes time and focus Movie: Cast/setting, wardrobe, etc. Perspective: Depends on where you are sitting Walls: Building them, taking them down

24 Thanks & Good Luck! Contact Me: Ed Jacobs

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