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System Overview. An innovative Rent Reasonableness solution & Landlord and Tenant “Marketplace”

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1 System Overview

2 An innovative Rent Reasonableness solution & Landlord and Tenant “Marketplace”

3 Save staff time and increase agency productivity by allowing to take care of your landlord listings. Direct your landlords to the website, and you can dramatically reduce support calls to your staff.

4 A Fully Integrated Solution

5 Patent Pending Method of Generating Comps

6 Home

7 From the home page, your agency can log-in and receive accurate and defendable rent reasonable certifications that exceed HUD’s rent reasonability guidelines per CFR 902.507(4)(b).

8 Your Agency’s Page

9 Any time your agency logs in, you will know exactly how many listings and comps you have. Comparables roll in continuously, and all information is updated in real time. From here, you can perform appraisals and generate RR certifications.

10 Select the property you would like to appraise. The form will auto-fill for properties that have already been listed.

11 Subsidized units are represented by blue icons

12 Rented non-subsidized comparables are the red and black icons.

13 Active Listings are represented by pink number circles.

14 The subject property, and the comparison properties are automatically inserted into an easy to use appraisal form. The subject property is the subsidized unit. Comps 1, 2, & 3 are the non- subsidized units that have been selected from the rent reasonable database.


16 A rent reasonable certification will clearly display and adjust for all of HUD’s 9 rent reasonable factors. Further enhancing the rent reasonable certification is the inclusion of market activity made available by integrating data obtained from the listing service.


18 The RR certification includes pictures of the comp properties, as well as property owner contact information, assisting your agency in addressing the subjective “quality” factor, and allows an agency to better substantiate their assumptions. The inclusion of this information allows HUD a method to validate and verify an agency’s determinations.

19 Listing Service

20 The listing service obtains all 9 of HUD’s required factors (location, size, type, age, housing services, maintenance, owner paid utilities, amenities & quality) up front, allowing your agency to make a more accurate and faster rent reasonable determination later.


22 Nationwide List of Tenants Increases Landlord Participation

23 More Than Rent Reasonable  Rent Reasonable  Listing Management  Market Research  Tenants  SEMAP  Landlord Outreach  De-concentration Reduce Admin Cost & Increase PHA Efficiency

24 Benefits of an Integrated System  Easily and accurately verify fair market rent rates  Defendable & verifiable methodology  SEMAP compliant methodology  Saves money on rent overpayments, allowing you to assist more families  The inclusion of market activity data and more accurate information makes negotiating with landlords easy  Increases the number of affordable housing units  Better quality housing for Section 8 HCV tenants

25 Other RR Systems Nelrod Happy Yardi Emphasys Other Listing Services Social Serve Bowman Systems Present HA Lists Property Listing Service Properties listed or located 24/7 by Web Web Based No software installation required Rent Reasonable Certifications Automatically generated HUD compliant reports Add your own Comps HA’s can add their own comparables at any time Real-Time Listing Notification Tenants Notified of New Listings by email or phone Real-Time Comparables Comparables consistently and continuously added to the Rent Reasonable database Rent Reasonable Mapping Interface Real-time dynamic maps pinpoint the location of comparables for the most accurate selection Real-Time Geo-Coding More accurate then census tracts or zip codes Landlord Outreach Features Quantifiable Increase in landlord participation via landlord marketing and automated e-mail campaigns Detailed Market Analysis Better negotiate rents with real-time market statistics and maps of competing listings (Nearby Active Listings) HA Performance Reports (SEMAP) Monitor individual inspector performance and prove to HUD accurate Rent Reasonable methodology & LL Outreach offers solutions That other services can not!

26 Implementing at your agency  Training will include:  NMA expert trainer  Use of laptop computers  Instructional CD for each student  PowerPoint Handout  Instructional booklet  3 hours of program utilization training  3 hours of “hands-on” application training

27 1. Active listings to assist in evaluating market competition - negotiate better rents - enables your staff to better defend against landlord challenges 2. Rented subsidized listings for de-concentration purposes 3. Rented non subsidized listings for rent reasonability determinations. Three Categories of Geo-Coded Data Improving Rent Reasonability

28  Integration of Active Listing Data  Real Time Geo-Coding and Property Mapping  Proper Appraisal Methodology  A Large and Current Database of Comparables More Accurate Rent Determination Improving Rent Reasonability

29 Testimonials “ is heaven sent! They have created a web based system giving housing authorities and landlords the ability to list, view, edit and / or compare properties within specific areas. It is especially helpful to housing authorities because we now have a universal rent reasonableness database to use that is no longer subjective.” -Ruchelle Hobbs Deerfield Beach PHA Compliance Officer “ is an incredible program. We no longer have to dedicate staff time to maintaining property listings because does it for us…FREE! Landlords can update property information in “real time” and Section 8 tenants can search for available programs anywhere in the country. allows us to provide better service with less work.” -Deborah Jenkins OHFA Director of Rental Programs

30 Don’t Wait The solution to your Rent Reasonableness methodology is here. Call Nan McKay & Associates 800.783.3100 Or visit to learn more. Thank you!

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