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Radon – Real Estate and Homebuilders by Kerry Kidwell Heyworth, IL.

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1 Radon – Real Estate and Homebuilders by Kerry Kidwell Heyworth, IL


3 A successful real estate transaction takes TEAMWORK NOTE: To change images on this slide, select a picture and delete it. Then click the Insert Picture icon in the placeholder to insert your own image.

4 8 reasons why it’s good to be from Illinois

5 1. Radon is on seller disclosure form Item 14 on Seller Disclosure: “I am aware of unsafe concentrations of radon on the premises”

6 2. We have an awesome website and great staff Radon.Illinois.Gov Show average for each county Show list of testers and mitigators Lots of FREE pdfs to download Easy to work with



9 3. Radon education approved for real estate continuing education. 3 hours of elective credit

10 4. We have radon disclosure form for residential 1-4 unit transactions


12 5. We have rental disclosure required Disclose IF landlord or tenant tests and it tests HIGH No disclosure needed if landlord tests (low) OR mitigated Problem here – tenant doesn’t use proper protocol


14 6. We require testing of day care facilities

15 7. We license testers, mitigators and those selling testing devices and don’t allow double dipping ! Testers must report results to the state Encourage buyers to retest after mitigation

16 8. We require passive systems in residential new construction Cheaper for builders Will lower level some without the fan Realtors – don’t assume level is low

17 Agent Advice

18 Don’t scare clients and customers Educate your clients Get materials from EPA When listing, encourage sellers to prepare

19 Breathing Easy: What Buyers and Sellers Should Know about Radon

20 EPA Publications

21 Educate / work with builders on passive systems Test EARLY in the transaction Never mess with the tests Use licensed testers Don’t tolerate incompetence Look at radon system (is it working?)

22 Be aware of lender guidelines Don’t assume a system has properly lowered the level Always retest after mitigation Consider appropriate contract language Get more than one bid and written guarantee



25 “ The key is not the "will to win"... everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important. “ - Bobby Knight, Former Indiana Basketball Coach

26 Questions ?

27 Thank you for having me ! 27 Thanks!

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