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Jennifer Hall Executive Director 734 794-6721.

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1 Jennifer Hall Executive Director 734 794-6721

2 Overview Accomplishments since April 2012 Current Initiatives Future Needs and Concerns

3 Staffing Hired a Facilities & Property Maintenance Manager (NEW) Vacant Residency Manager posted Hired Program Assistant – Waitlist & Leasing (Vacant for over a year) Working with HR on Financial Analyst job description and wage survey (NEW)

4 Staff Training Crisis Management Working with Mentally Ill tenants HUD UPCS/REAC – hosted regional training Supportive Housing Landlord/Tenant eviction process Certifications Family Self Sufficiency Homeownership Procurement Housing Choice Voucher Program Management Specialized Maintenance Training

5 Policies and Procedures Hired Consultant Every policy and procedure for public housing and voucher program reviewed and revised Ensure compliance with HUD, Fair Housing, landlord/tenant laws etc. Maximize efficiency and standardization Updated Lease Created Preventive Maintenance Plan Updated Maintenance Policy Working on Tenant and Staff Manuals for Public Housing Units Working on Disaster Response and Emergency Response Plan

6 Technology Implemented Mobile Maintenance Maintenance Techs use mobile devices to access work orders and enter completions Implemented On-line Waitlist for Vouchers Open for 48 hours Over 17,000 applications Pulled 500 names by random lottery to be on the waitlist Overhaul of website Laptops for public housing management staff so that they can hold office hours at remote sites Working on on-line payments for tenants and electronic payments for vendors

7 Increased Utilization! Unit Turns Previously 100+ days average Currently 21 day average Goal 14 days average Occupancy 99% (1-5 vacant units) Previously (12 – 20 vacant typical) Vouchers Currently 1358 under contract 1 year ago 1298 under contract Goal is 1378 by December 2012

8 Impact Voucher Program – High Performer Previously Troubled Status Public Housing – Standard Performer Previously Troubled Status REAC Inspection Score Increased from a 78 to a 81 on the East side Increased from a 64 to a 86 on the West side Increased Operating Revenue Able to apply for additional HUD grants

9 Maintenance Duct cleaning all sites Gutters clean, fix, replace all sites Retaining walls and landscaping Sidewalk grinding and concrete replacement Fire Stops above stoves to prevent stove fires Footing Drain Disconnects, applicable sites Started roof replacement several buildings

10 Energy Efficiency LED photocell exterior lights Energy Star appliances Wrapping duct work and water pipes DTE direct install program for units CFL lighting, aerators and showerheads Applying for DTE rebate program Common Areas Started insulating attic spaces Started replacing windows GOAL: Implement all recommendations from Energy Audits ($900,000 total, approx $300,000 done)

11 New Partnerships EMU Repair and rebuild porches: Construction Management Making furniture for staff room: Design Program DDA $260,000 for Baker Commons Roof & Energy Efficiency County $100,000 CDBG for water infiltration remediation & energy efficiency at Oakwood and N. Maple $6,000 Public Health to develop Non-Smoking Policy Adult Intern program (free to AAHC) Weatherization at PILOT property City Energy Office on CCPG Greening Rental Housing Multiple Departments on Bloomberg Challenge Grant Housing Inspections on coordinated inspections and potentially combine inspection requirements

12 Financial Concerns Lack of stability and unknown future support from Congress Presidential Election May be increasing efficiency and utilization just to break even, or to lose less funding HUD requiring AAHC to transfer Cranbrook administration contract to MSHDA because MSHDA is state-wide administrator Loss of $55,000/year in revenue

13 Public Housing Needs and Concerns Need Air Conditioning all units Health as well as security ($300,000 - $375,000) Roofs and Windows Not enough funds in capital budget Some sites need to be demolished and rebuilt Age, functionally obsolete, flooding Security Cameras ($200,000 - $300,000) Security Guards ($80,000 - $200,000/year)

14 Long Term Capital Needs Solution Preserve Public Housing by converting to Project Based Section 8 housing Additional vouchers allocated by HUD Access to Private Capital Investment Local/State Gap Financing Complete Rehabilitation 15-20 Year Legal/Regulatory Structure After first 15-20 year term, go through process again

15 Services Needs and Concerns Currently paying for services for Peace and CAN from capital budget ($80,000/year) Need Additional Services in both public housing and voucher program Ideally keep on-site youth programs with Peace and CAN (increase to $100,000/year) Ideally contract with 1 provider for crisis and case management services all sites and vouchers ($200,000+/year)

16 Personnel Needs and Concerns AAHC staff are the lowest paid in the City Ex. AAHC maintenance $31,952 starting salary (level 8) Ex. Facilities maintenance $36,653 starting salary (level 14) Ex. AAHC receptionist $29,790 starting salary (level 5) Ex. Admin. Support Specialist $33,387 starting salary (level 10) Difficult jobs HUD Regulatory Compliance Tenants are a difficult to serve population Retention Necessary Need across the board union pay increase And progressions Retirement Policy Change Impact $78,000 additional in 2012/2013 but continues into future

17 Other Revenue or Cost Saving Ideas Rent Baker and Miller roof for cell tower/antennae Comcast Marketing Agreement Piggyback on other City Department contracts if negotiated better rates (lawn care, snow removal etc) Piggyback on City gas provider contract Determine if duplicating insurance coverage on City- owned buildings ($41,000/yr property insurance) Applying for HUD Security grant (cameras, lighting) Applied for HUD Services grant (received $34,500 for voucher program, waiting to hear on public housing)

18 Summary Top 3 Requests for City Council Budget Support Support increase in pay range for union staff equivalent to other departments Average of $4,000 salary + $1,000 benefits = $5,000/person 16 employees = $80,000/yr Continued annual coverage of retirement benefit increase due to change in how retirement benefits charged to funds $78,000/yr in 2012/13 Funding for Supportive Services $80,000/yr for on-site community center staffing so that capital funds can be used for capital expenditures $20,000 – $200,000 in additional funding would enable better crisis management and life skills training for all tenants

19 Thank You Information Technology Police Department Human Resources

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