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Ww 8 th May 2013 Multi Channel Customer Contact & Channel Shift Nic Colley (Looking Local)

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1 ww 8 th May 2013 Multi Channel Customer Contact & Channel Shift Nic Colley (Looking Local)

2 The story from West Yorkshire Problem 1: Increase in number of customers seeking assistance in finding cheaper accommodation: o Impact of changes to LHA o Impact of wider welfare reform o Rise in unemployment o Increase in homeless presentations

3 The story from West Yorkshire Problem 2: Who and where are the landlords? Where are the properties? Social housing need outstrips availability No destination to send customers to when they are searching for more affordable accommodation Customers don’t understand what is meant by affordable accommodation

4 The Letshelpyou solution Five West Yorkshire Local Authorities Initially funded by Department for Work & Pensions Help reduce the impact of changes to LHA and wider welfare reform for tenants, landlords and LAs Encourage self service approach Provide a destination for people to go to when they need to find more affordable accommodation Website launched 17 th February 2012

5 Homepage – A tenant’s view

6 Refine your search “70% uploaded properties list rent below or matching relevant HB rate”

7 Personal profile “5,184 tenants registered with LetsHelpYou within the first 12 months”

8 Property details (including landlord)

9 Useful tools Property Tracker Bedroom Calculator Allowance Calculator

10 A landlord’s view “1,864 properties have been uploaded across West Yorkshire since February 2012” “846 landlord registrations”

11 Instant property activation / deactivation “Average 33 property uploads per week”

12 Multi-channel access Android App LetsHelpYou is freely available as a smartphone app... iOS App (iPhone, iTouch) Search for LetsHelpYou on Google Play or iTunes

13 Multi-channel access Red button on Sky channel 539 or via Virgin Media channel 233 “LetsHelpYou is also available to people without internet access via the Looking Local service on TV”

14 Management Information Tool “Most common property size listed is two bedroom” “53 three bedroom properties uploaded at an average of £4.20 below LHA rate”

15 Some of the benefits… Encourage self service, across multiple platforms Free for both landlords and tenants to use Access to local intelligence and data on the private rented sector Can be used to help support vulnerable customers (Prospective) Tenants feel more informed Encourage closer working between landlords and LAs Reduce time properties are left vacant

16 LetsHelpYou coverage Currently available: Leeds Kirklees Bradford Calderdale Wakefield Coming soon: Enfield Merton Hull Manchester Brent Sunderland Arun Middlesbrough Newham

17 Website address & contact details Enquiries: Technical assistance:

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