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Julian Vollans – The Noberne Group September 20 th 2012 DOORSETS + 3 RD PARTY ACCREDITATION = THE SAFE SOLUTION.

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1 Julian Vollans – The Noberne Group September 20 th 2012 DOORSETS + 3 RD PARTY ACCREDITATION = THE SAFE SOLUTION

2 ABOUT US o Julian Vollans – General Manager for The Noberne Group o Noberne Doors Ltd – Established in 1975 in Leeds. Manufacture bespoke High Performance Specialist Doorsets; including FD30, FD60, FD90, FD120, X-Ray and Bullet Resistant. o Founder Members of the BM TRADA “Q-Mark” Scheme and ASDMA (Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers Association). o Our products are designed for use in the Healthcare and Education sectors. o ISO9001:2008 Quality Standard & Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Accredited.

3 OVERVIEW o Fire Doorsets vs Fire Door Assemblies (or kits) o Why choose Doorsets o Approved Installation o The importance of Primary Test Evidence & 3 rd Party Accreditation o Summary

4 WHAT ARE FIRE DOORS? Fire doors are essential in passive fire protection – A requirement in compartmenting a building – Protecting escape routes Must be tested to show the design will work in a fire. – Certification Can only work correctly when – Fitted with the correct compatible components Door + frame / linings Closers, Hinges and other ESSENTIAL ironmongery Seals Glazing – I.e. the fire doorset

5 DOORSETS VS ASSEMBLIES (KITS) o Definition – Doorset The British Standard BS EN 12519 provides the following definition: ‘complete unit consisting of a door frame and a door leaf or leaves, supplied with all essential parts from a single source ’. This means that a door leaf is factory pre-hung in its frame, with hinges, glazing system, fire and (when required) smoke seals, and ironmongery. It is supplied as a complete unit. A fire doorset is a fully finished, from a single manufacturer, with all components matched and pre-assembled in the factory and is covered by a single fire certificate. Source – BWF Certifire website

6 DOORSETS VS ASSEMBLIES (KITS) Definitions Fitting together the various component parts including; door leaf or leaves, frame, glazing system (factory fitted only), essential ironmongery and fire and (when required) smoke seals from one or more sources. This means the compatibility of each product needs to be scrutinized to ensure they ALL comply.

7 WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Versus 1. Frame DoorsetKit

8 ASSEMBLIES? You have to coordinate the purchase and supply of the door, frames, intumescent seals, hinges and other ironmongery. Who will provide the important fire test certificate you need? Is it cost effective? What about quality? Will the components be compatible? Next year CE Marking on fire doorsets could make this method obsolete. The responsibility becomes yours. You have to do your research correctly, get it wrong and it could cost lives!

9 WHY CHOOSE DOORSETS? A doorset manufacturer will; Provide the door, frame, seals and essential ironmongery as one package. Have had products tested by a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) laboratory as a complete set to BS476 Part 22: 1987 or EN1634-1:2000 – The same set you will receive on site. Have undergone stringent audit processes to achieve 3 rd Party Accreditation and Factory Production Controls, ensuring consistent quality products. Supply you with documentary evidence with a valid fire test certificate. Provide innovation, design and provide a future proof solution. Offer better technical advice & after sales – They know about the whole doorset.

10 APPROVED INSTALLATION “The fire doorset is a complex product, however. Every component - the door leaf or leaves, the frame in which the door is hung, essential hardware, intumescent and smoke sealing devices – must be correctly designed and installed”. Peter Barker – Chiltern International Fire

11 POOR FIRE DOOR INSTALLATIONS Case Study – Hotel, Sheffield


13 WHAT TO LOOK FOR? To ensure fire door safety make sure you ONLY specify or use third-party certificated and accredited fire doorsets. Check that ALL components are compatible with the fire doorsets test evidence. Check the certificate is relevant to the door and components that are fitted to the door. Never cut apertures on site.

14 APPROVED INSTALLATION Use approved installers, don’t break the chain! Take Advice! Take Control!

15 WHY CUT CORNERS? The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force in England and Wales from October 2006; transferring the responsibility for Fire Safety from the fire authorities to whoever has day-to-day control of building premises. YOU? The managing agents of a block of flats, in Paddington, London, fined £100,000 and ordered to pay almost £13,000 costs after pleading guilty to three breaches of fire safety law. A residential landlord given a suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay more than £10,000 in costs - investigators found there were no fire alarms or detection in the common areas of the property, inadequate fire doors.

16 PRIMARY TEST EVIDENCE & 3 RD PARTY ACCREDITATION Through 3 rd Party Accreditation and Factory Production Controls, you will receive a product that is constantly the same standard time after time. ISO9001:2008 is a basic requirement of the BM TRADA “Q-Mark” Scheme Peace of mind, knowing that you will have a Fire Certificate proving you have undertaken your duty of care on behalf of the building user.

17 Fit for purpose – Compliant with Approved Document B Traceability of product from raw material, to factory, to site

18 On product identification, giving confidence to building users


20 IN SUMMARY Buy Doorsets once from a 3 rd Party Accredited Manufacturer. Reduce your responsibility and gain peace of mind. Use approved installers. Insist on 3 rd Party Accreditation. Any Questions?

21 THANK YOU Noberne Doors Ltd Lupton Street Leeds, LS10 2QP 0113 2778577

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