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Friday, 16 January 2015 Socitm London Regional Meeting Public Sector ICT – 2015 and Beyond.

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1 Friday, 16 January 2015 Socitm London Regional Meeting Public Sector ICT – 2015 and Beyond

2 Agenda 2 12:30Lunch & Registration 13:30Welcome & Updates: Geoff Connell, Chair of Socitm London 13:35Socitm update: Nigel Bragg, Socitm 13:40London Libraries Futures: Mike Clarke, Association of London Chief Librarians 14:00NPS Strategy: Steve Knighton / Nigel Blair, Northgate Public Services 14:20BREAK 14:35Online Services: London Borough of Newham 14:45CCS London ICT work programme: Ashley Shelbrooke 15:15Northgate Public Services - Roadmap Sessions Social Care: Cathryn Ella Revenues & Benefits: Nigel Blair Housing: Sean Dalby PARIS Payments: Chris Lord 16:00Drinks & Networking

3 NPS Strategy Steve Knighton / Nigel Blair

4 Northgate Public Services attendees  Steve Knighton: Business Development Director  Nigel Blair: Head of Product Management & Innovation  Cathryn Ella: Product Manager (Social Care)  Sean Dalby: Product Manager (Housing)  Chris Lord: Business Analysis Manager (PARIS payments)  Juliet Gurney: Account Director 4

5 On 22nd December 2014, Northgate Public Services was acquired by Cinven - a leading European private equity firm. “At Cinven, we aim to create real growth in the businesses we acquire.” Their investment is a real vote of confidence in us and it’s great news for our business and our clients. Sale of Northgate Public Services

6  As an independent business we now have more scope to develop the systems and services that work best for our clients.  We now have access to additional funds to support our plans for innovation and growth, both in the UK and internationally.  In the short term, Northgate Public Services and Cinven are focused on making this change as seamless as possible for all existing clients. Cinven has invested in Northgate Public Services because they recognise our potential to innovate and grow. What are the benefits?

7 NPS in London Local Government solutions in every London authority including;  CRM  Document Management  Revenues & Benefits  Housing  Social Care  Planning, Building Control, Licensing  Cash Receipting / Payment Services  Fraud Management  Local Welfare Provision  Blue Badge Plus a portfolio of wraparound services  IT hosting services – including Wandsworth, Southwark, Hillingdon, Croydon  R&B Resilience services - including Tower Hamlets, Wandsworth, Kingston  Social Fund managed service – including Haringey, Richmond, Bromley, Camden 7

8 …….and beyond  National - Systems in every NHS hospital through national programmes  National - Every police force  National - Half of all fire brigades and ambulance trusts  National – Blue Badge  National – PentiP national penalty and ticketing, ANPR Data centre  National – HGV Road User Levy  National – Organ Donor Register  National – Statutory Redundancy Payments  International – Social Housing in Ireland, Canada, Australia & New Zealand 8

9 NPS Cloud Delivery 9

10 NPS Foundation Layer 10 HGV Road Levy


12 New: London Councils Appeals Services 12

13 Social Care Cathryn Ella

14 Social Care 14 Case management, self service, mobile Market share  UK 22% (46)  England 20%  Scotland 31%  Wales 27% London Footprint – Barking & Dagenham, Croydon, Havering Larger authorities – 28% of County Councils Key drivers – Care Act, efficiency savings Adults

15 London Footprint – Barking & Dagenham, Havering Key Drivers – Child Protection, efficiency savings Significant Policy changes – ICS > Munro > Children and Families Act Social Care 15 Children Case management, Self service, Mobile Market share  UK 15% (28)  England 10%  Scotland 28%  Wales 27%

16  Since 2011 we have invested significantly in developing and improving our Social Care systems  Improved ‘usability’ by streamlining processes, making it quicker and easier to enter case information 30%- 65% efficiency savings  Implemented Munro review recommendations  New solutions to address the changing landscape of Social Care  Now major upgrade programme so authorities can benefit from these improvements Northgate in Social Care

17 Social Care systems need to respond to the changing world around them

18 Demographics and Funding Cuts Population (millions) The social care system is widely accepted to require fundamental change An ageing population Long-term Health Conditions More people living with long-term health conditions Care Budgets decreasing by 30% Assessments to increase by 500,000 by 2016 Bucks predict a 41% rise in costs by 19/20 London Councils’ predict cost increase of £1.3bn by 2019/20

19  Move from back-office heavy CMS to citizen-centric  Back-office becomes lighter as citizens become more empowered Transition to Integrated Care Traditional SC Case Management Web


21 Revenues & Benefits Nigel Blair

22 Revenues customers manage over 1 million commercial properties which generate an annual revenue of £11 billion in Business Rates. 172 customers manage 12.6 million domestic properties (houses, flats etc.) which generate an annual revenue of just over £16 billion in Council Tax. Domestic Commercial

23 Benefits 23 Northgate customers pay out £9 billion in Housing Benefit per annum (2.27 million claims) This is over half the total paid out in the UK (approx 52%) Northgate customers pay out £2.28 billion in Council Tax Support per annum (2.75 million Claims) This is just under half the total paid out in the UK(approx 47%)

24 London 24

25 Our Objectives 2014 / Welfare Reform / CTR  Deliver Legislation Programme  Keep Track of Universal Credit Programme  Fraud & Error Reduction Incentive Scheme (FERIS)  Deliver new CTR Schemes  Liaison with DWP / Customers / Pilots  Scottish Devolution 2.Revenues Legislation / Growth  Ongoing Business Rates Rationalisation  New Enforcement Regulations  Business Improvement Districts  Liaison with DCLG / Customers  Debt Prioritisation

26 Our Objectives 2014 / Happy Customers  Retain ALL our R+B Customers  Support all User Groups (Regional / Product Groups / User Group Executive)  Keep close to our customers / resolve any disputes  Provide products, services and innovation to help customers deliver their essential services 4.Channel Shift & Automation  Citizen Access  Ongoing Business Rates Rationalisation  New Enforcement Regulations  Enhance Landlord Portal  Northgate Digital Services 5.Continue to Innovate

27 Speed of Processing Source : DWP Speed of Processing

28 Housing Sean Dalby

29 Sector Challenges  Supply / Demand for accommodation  Need to understand the business  Financial Governance  Asset Strategy  Options Appraisal  Customer Insight  Business Insight  Digital Services  Release resources  Economies  Development Management / Feasibility  Extended Services 29

30 Our Objectives 30 FY14FY15FY16 Customer Insight and Self Service User Experience Customer Insight Early intervention Tenant services Income & debt mgt Channel shift Business Insight Housing Enterprise Financials & HR Business Intelligence Market Packages Tailored solutions to size of customer Enhanced deployment design Cloud delivery Asset Management Integrated repairs Asset planning Component accounting Business Intelligence Cloud First (SaaS) Deployment Design Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Business Insight, Housing Enterprise & Asset Management Continued 3 rd Party Alignment

31 Housing  June Housing v6.12  Customer Insight  Housing Enterprise  Bi-lingual facilities  Review of Business Insight  November Housing v6.13  Business Insight / Dashboards  Housing Enterprise  Self Serve UI enhancements  Self Serve and Smart Apps  Enhanced asset management  June Housing v6.14  Housing Enterprise  Business Insight  Extended channel options  Multi-agency working and data sharing  Multi-market configurations 31

32 Front Office Enterprise & Customer Insight  June 2015 – Foe / CI v1.4  CI additional transactions for Housing  CI / Housing Self Serve Integration  MS CRM Platform version upgrade  Prioritised enhancements  November Foe / CI v1.5  CI transactions for Housing  CI Campaign Management improvements  CI review booking capability  CI review self serve enhancements  Prioritised enhancements  June Foe / CI v1.6  CI – Mobile Access  CI – Load Balancing  CI – Social Media  Prioritised enhancements 32

33 OHMS  Release 55 (April 2015)  Mobilisation of COS  Welfare Reform – DD registration via COS  Web Services for DRS integration  Release 56 (October 2015)  Mutual exchange enhancements  Bedroom tax liability indicator via DOB assessment  Customer Insight  Release 57 (April 2016)  Extended Customer Insight  Business Objects enhancements  Release 58 (October 2016)  Anti-Fraud measure – sub-lets  Partner Portal  Business Objects enhancement s 33

34 PARIS Payments Chris Lord

35 Overview  Payments and Revenues Information System  Payments  Multi-Channel  Internet  Telephone – mediated and self-serve (IVR)  Counter Receipting  Fund / Reference Number validation  Card payments (Debit and Credit)  Cash  Miscellaneous income  File imports e.g. bank statements, bailiffs  Income Management  File exports e.g. General Ledger, back-office systems  Suspense Management  Management reporting  PA-DSS compliant 35

36 Key Features  Supports Shared Service operations  Partner organisations can take payments on behalf of other partners  Powerful and extensive integration capabilities  Sales integration  a simple XML interface allowing 3 rd party applications to use PARIS to process internet payments e.g. Leisure bookings systems etc.  Host integration  enables 3 rd party application to use PARIS to capture and process payments e.g. CRM solutions  PARIS handles capturing card details, printing receipts and interface with any Chip & PIN device  Real Time Links  online two-way integration hugely successful in the collection of parking fines 36

37 Product Strategy  Input from Steering Group  representing User Group  Direct strategic engagement with our larger and more progressive customers  Exploit our own in-depth domain and product experience  Learn from previous releases, identify improvement opportunities  Internal Product Panel  Roadmap is simple tool for communicating product direction and strategy 37

38 Product Development  Development approach  Agile development leading to modular functional releases made available throughout year  Optional, switch activated, includes Services  One-off price per module  Release strategy  Single mandatory full release each year (Nov)  Delivered by NPS Consultants  Supports budgeting by LA  De-support of previous releases  Maintain PA-DSS compliance contributing to your PCI-DSS compliance  Patch release(s) where necessary i.e. defect resolution 38

39 Product Roadmap 39 CurrentNear TermFuture PayPal Integration Browser Cash Payments New / emerging payment methods Wireless PEDPayment Card Manager / e- Wallets Payment industry accreditations / compliance IVR VoIP / SIPContinuous Card Payments New technologies / infrastructure v3.0.3Fund ManagerNew markets pAypAge Hosted IVR Service Current Modular functional releases and annual release on track for 2015 Near Term Based on current customer demand Future Subject to continuous review


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