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Stick Sculptures AP 3D Teacher Jeannette Clawson.

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1 Stick Sculptures AP 3D Teacher Jeannette Clawson

2 “Fire and Felt,” Kathy Hubbard 2008 A seven-foot high abstract female form and a number of hollow egg-like felted forms. Sculpture is made of wood gathered from the remains of a forest fire in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and from felted wool and silk. It speaks to the issues of security in our world and the joys and anguish of motherhood. Hubbard is the director of the Art Education Graduate Program in the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art at Georgia Southern University.

3 Paul Schick Organic Sculpture

4 Amy Cha Ceramic Branch Sculpture Consider paint for unity

5 Consider scale. Can you sculpt a familiar object in an unfamiliar scale?


7 Stickosaurus David Rogers

8 Branch Man HenkVos Wax model for a life-size sculpture

9 Estuary By Gyongy Laky

10 "Tentation Temptation" Phillip Drivet 19.25 X 12 X 5.5” May 2007 What if you created multiples?

11 Brent Comber Alder Furniture A renewable resource from Btittania Beach near Vancover. Dried, nailed and glued together, then cut into geometric forms.


13 The Japanese artist Naoko Ito from New York has made a great piece of art using only a big tree branch and jars.

14 Flauna Shelf Series Peter Marigold

15 This piece was designed after the designers, Wokomedia, went to work in Sri Lanka, and they experienced a culture shock. They wanted to take a reminder of the feeling of the flooded environment home so they transformed the image of “partially submerged trees” into shelves.

16 This stick sculpture was commissioned by the Spencer Art Museum to be constructed on the University of Kansas Campus by artist Patrick Doughtery




20 Environmental Installation Amazing sculpture from the “Belgian Tribe” made of 2 x 4s stapled together It features with disco music and a dance floor and is burned down at the end of the week Installed at “The Burning Man” 2006 Nevada

21 Gabriela Herstik Nature Cage


23 Savanna Stone Fall 2011


25 Tolu Aremu Fall 2011

26 Maryyann Landlord Memory Boat

27 Detail of drilled holes, knotting, and beading


29 Clara Utesch 2012-2013


31 MacIntyre Pullen 2012-2013


33 Resources k%20Sculpture.jpg k%20Sculpture.jpg design.html design.html jars/ jars/ sqaure-lamp.jpg sqaure-lamp.jpg

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