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Norwood Convenience Store 11043 95Street Edmonton, Alberta Owner: Temesgen Rikitu Ph: 780.680.5560

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1 Norwood Convenience Store Street Edmonton, Alberta Owner: Temesgen Rikitu Ph:

2 Background Business Norwood Convenience Store has been operating since 2009, owned by a couple, Temesgen Rikitu and Mrs. Rikitu In addition to selling products to regular day to day customers, the convenience store also sells speciality Ethiopian food and spices targeted to the Ethiopian market Has been a growing profitable business since 2009 Business Goals Short Term Goals: –To increase overall profits by $3000-$6000 in the 2011 fiscal year – Establish an inventory process or tool – Retain part-time employee – Improve computer skills (Microsoft Office Applications) – Installing latest Office Applications on company’s laptop Long-Term Goals: –Secure a loan or find source of financing (savings) up to $10,000 –Increase the space in store by performing renovations –Purchase equipment for expanding and offering more products i.e.; assorted Halal Meat About Norwood Convenience Store

3 Temesgen is on the left, (owner) of Norwood Convenience Store. Nilofer (Business Mentor) is on the right, working together in accomplishing Norwood Convenience business goals This area will be renovated to have a small office for the owners to be able to complete their administrative work or meetings that occur during the month

4 The side entrance to the right will be renovated so people can come straight in rather than in a corner

5 This side is already being used, as customers enter in and purchase and pay for their goods

6 Norwood Convenience Store sells other goods targeted for any customer who needs items such as; cleaning detergent, beverages, wine glasses, pet supplies, canned foods etc. If you are in the area, drop in for a cup of coffee, grab a snack and/or purchase a gift for an occasion if required

7 This section is where the specialty food and spices are sold targeting the Ethiopian market

8 This space has been offered by the landlord for Temesgen to renovate and expand the store. The entire will be removed. The rent would increase by $800/month

9 This space will be used for offering Halal fresh assorted meat

10 The large cabinet to the right and the wall will be removed so we can see the other side of the store ie.; the fridge, canned foods and other goods sold

11 More space available to be renovated for Norwood Convenience to use for preparing and packaging assorted meat

12 Accomplishments To be inserted sometime in Feb or March 2012

13 To be inserted sometime in March- April 2012 Images to be placed, after renovations

14 Questions??

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