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Integrated Facility Management (IFM) For NSLS-II October 6, 2010 Chris Johnson Facility Complex Manager Facilities and Operations.

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1 Integrated Facility Management (IFM) For NSLS-II October 6, 2010 Chris Johnson Facility Complex Manager Facilities and Operations

2 What is IFM?  The Integrated Facility Management project will restructure the Lab’s facility management processes  This new model will ensure that the Lab’s some 350 facilities are: mission-ready more effectively managed and maintained – to provide operational excellence for Laboratory growth  IFM model will drive the creation of appropriate processes across the Laboratory in configuration management, technical authority and WP&C

3 Integrated Facility Management Delivering Mission-Ready facility capability through enhanced operations and management of facility assets  Dedicated Full-Time Facility Management Team  Improved Accountability for Maintenance & Services  Craft and Engineering talent assume increased facility ownership  Optimized Personnel Resource Allocation  Enables optimized blend of dedicated and central resources  Facility-Level Work Planning  Needs driven work planning based on customer and scientific requirements  Ability to optimize investments for mission readiness - local prioritization of work orders and PMs

4 Other Battelle Labs with IFM  Oak Ridge National Laboratory  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  Idaho National Laboratory Workshop at BNL where reps from these labs helped us design BNL’s Integrated Facility Management Program  Very supportive at upper management level  Heard about same challenges at lower organizational levels

5 Complex Map  BNL Divided into Five Complexes  North, East, South & Central  Utilities  NSLS & NSLS – II in East Complex  IFM model went into effect 10/1/10

6 Typical Complex Organizational Structure Facility Complex Manager Administrative Support Facility Mgt_04Jun09 Facility Engineer Business Operations Facility Project Manager(s) Material Coordinator/ Expeditor Craft Resources & Supervision ESSH&Q Support Planner / Scheduler

7 East Complex Structure Facility Complex Engineer Facility Project Manager J. Stanisci Multi-Craft Supervisor J. Stanisci Planner / Scheduler Facility Project Manager J. Giambalvo Facility Project Manager J. Biemer Facility Manager for NSLS-II

8 The Complex Team provide a wide range of Facility Management Functions  Landlord Function  Customer Service Provider  Mission Ready Facilities  Trades Support  Facility Work Planning  Facility Work Control  Facility Safety  Facility Regulations & Requirements  Operational Approval  Complex Communication  Reporting  Execute ISM Principles  FUA ownership  Annual Work Plan  Store Front for Customer Needs  Maintain Buildings  Custodial Support  Building Steward  Building Safety  Facility Configuration Management  Complex Engineering Technical Authority  Building Operations  Staff Qualification & Training  Budget  Facility Funding Requests  GPP, GPCE, IGPP for Facilities  Deficiency Correction

9 So, What is IFM? And What’s Not IFM?  IFM manages the Facility infrastructure to enable Program Operations Buildings, warehouses, conference centers, etc. Includes “bricks and mortar”, utility services, custodial services, etc. Analogous to leasing a building in a research park  Program operations continue to be managed by the Program Organization Research laboratories and machines Research-specific equipment Manage waste generated by R&D operations Store materials Office work, etc.

10 Role & Responsibilities  Complex Manager Deliver Mission Ready facilities to enable Science Manage a complex area to ensure the availability of effective, efficient, safe, and secure facilities, infrastructure, and support systems Responsible & accountable for ensuring facility needs of building tenant are addressed  Facility Manager Manage specific facilities, related equipment and systems within a designated complex area Significant involvement in development and execution of work Plan, prioritize, and initiate (authorize) work; accept/approve work upon completion

11 What does this mean for NSLS-II?  Early IFM implementation issues should be worked out before NSLS-II BORE’s begin  NSLS-II will have dedicated facility maintenance team support from the outset  IFM team will grow with NSLS-II  IFM team will be integrated in the NSLS-II start- up and commissioning process Held joint IFM/NSLS-II CF start-up planning meeting Reviewed CF Systems List Currently working on plans to support start-up and initial beneficial occupancies Working with NSLS-II team to coordinate with other F&O divisions not part of IFM

12 Conclusions  IFM implementation is in its infancy but offers an opportunity for enhanced mission support for NSLS-II  Timing of IFM implementation is good for NSLS-II Enables growth and parallel development of IFM and NSLS-II Dedicated IFM team will have firsthand knowledge of NSLS-II systems & facilities  IFM and NSLS-II CF team working jointly to support BOREs starting February, 2011

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