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1 Buildings

2 Postal Estate Departmental building Construction Purchase
Transfer of ownership Rented building Hired on rent by the department Offered rent free

3 Register of lands and buildings & Maintenance of building
Register of lands and buildings, in the form of loose leaf ledgers, form ACG-69 All expenditure of new construction, acquisition of land or building and additions, whether capital or revenue will be recorded in the register Maintained by Circle Accountant At the end of December, each year, additions and alterations to the cost of land & building will be communicated to the HOC and it will be pated to the pasted to the concerned folios Whenever a building is sold, abandoned or completely dismantled a note to the effect will be made in the register

4 Subsidiary Register-ACG-69(a)
The register will consist of loose sheets a page being used for each individual building It contains entries on Subsequent alterations Additions Extra cost of restoration Special repairs resulting in increase in accommodation or replacement of existing type of work

5 Stages of work to be carried out by Civil Wing
Administrative Approval Technical Sanction Expenditure Sanction Audit of Estimates Appropriation

6 Administrative Approval
To execute a specified works at a stated sum to meet the administrative needs It is issued after the civil wing submits the preliminary estimate

7 Technical Sanction After issue of administrative sanction, a proper detailed estimate is prepared This is issued by the Civil wing This is to ensure that plans are structurally sound to meet the requirement Estimates are accurately calculated and based on adequate and sufficient data.

8 Expenditure sanction Expenditure sanction: It is the concurrence of Head of the Department or Head of the circle Appropriation: Allotment of a sum of money from within a unit of appropriation of a particular sum

9 Steps involved for processing building proposal
1.Proposals are initiated and included in the plan 2. SOA prepared and sent to Directorate 3. Approved SOA sent to Architect for preliminary drawing 4. Preliminary drawing sent to competent authority 5. Competent authority approves the preliminary drawing on the body of each sheet with an endt. in token of approval

10 Stages of building proposal
6.Approved preliminary drawings sent to Sr. Architect and CE(Civil) 7.CE/AE prepares the preliminary estimate 8. PE is approved by competent authority(Upto 1 crore by CPMG and by directorate beyond 1 crore)and AA &ES issued. 9. Submission of drawings to local body 10. CE(Civil) prepares detailed estimate

11 Stages in processing building proposal
11.Technical sanction issued by EE/SE/CE 12. Detailed drawing prepared by Civil wing 13. Tenders issued by EE 14. Tender accepted upto Rs.6 lakhs by EE upto 60 lakhs by SE upto 2 crores by CE Above 2 crores by Member,PSB 15. EE awards the work

12 Water and other connections
As soon as the construction work begins application to be filed for water and electricity connections. Getting the connections of water, electricity and sanitary should synchronise with completion of construction of the building

13 Water harvesting and avoiding water wastage
Construction of roof tops of buildings is regulated in a such a manner that it facilitates the process of water harvesting Arresting water wastage by rectifying the defects, such replacing broken pipes, rectifying overflowing tanks to be undertaken immediately.

14 Taking over of buildings
While taking over building the following documents to be handed over by the civil wing Site lay out plan, floor plan, elevation of the building Schedule of sanitary fittings and other fixtures The soil bearing capacity with a copy of the test report, if any investigations conducted

15 Taking over of buildings contd..
The loadings for which the different floors and roof slabs are designed The scope of future vertical and lateral extension for which provision has been made in the foundation and other parts of the structures

16 Civil wing contd The executive engineer should submit within six months from the date of occupation the following complete drawing in a bound or stitched volume along with a certificate that work has been completed satisfactorily, as per specifications Site lay out, floor plan, elevation and sections of the building Original tracing of all Structural drawings of foundation and architectural matters Layout of water supply lines and water taps Layout of drainage lines and sanitary arrangements Schedule of sanitary fittings and other fixtures Original and attested copies of all calculations pertaining to the design structures

17 From Electrical wing Schedule of fittings of each room
The layout plan of electrical fittings and position of distribution boards with details of electrical boards for whole wiring has been designed Circuit diagram of electrical installations Test results of electrical installations Lay-out plan of sub-station equipment and cables showing sketch and type of switch gear and mains Cable layout drawing for HT and LT panels including that supply company Detailed circuit diagram of HT/LT panels

18 From electrical wing cont..
Technical details of transformers Maintenance instructions for all sub station equipment Test results of sub station equipment including transformer oil test report

19 Rented buildings Revision of rent shall be allowed only once in five years The date of receipt of a request from the landlord for revision of rent or the date from which such revision is due i.e after 5 years whichever is later, will be the date from which the revision is to be allowed. Revision of rent is allowed only if necessary repairs, special repairs and maintenance of rented building have been carried out by the landlord to the satisfaction of the dept, and landlord agrees to execute a fresh lease agreement after revision of rent Source: MOC letter no /89-bldg dated 25/2/1992

20 Rented building Whenever new commercial/residential premises are to be acquired on lease/rent, an advt. in the local and national newspapers with maximum circulation must be given.

21 Rented buildings Registration of lease deed is compulsory
Exemption can be provided where the building is owned by a Trust, Society etc. with the approval of PMG The cost to be borne for registration may also be considered while fixing rent. If the rent proposed is within the financial powers of SSPo/SPO, there is no need to hold FRAC.

22 Rented buildings contd
The increase of rent of central Govt./Central Public sector undertaking owned buildings should be covered by FR 45(B). Same logic should be applicable to the State govt./State public sector buildings Source: DG. Letter no /78-bldg. vol.II dated 18/3/1994.

23 Constitution of FRAC 1st level FRAC
Class of city Rent-slab X Y Z Composition of FRAC 5000 to 15000 5000 to 10000 4000 to 10000 3000 to 8000 Divisional head, Asst. Engineer(civil), A.O for class-I dn, A.A.O for class-II dn

24 2nd level FRAC Class of city Rent slab X Y Z Composition of FRAC
15,000 to 40,000 10,000 to 20,000 8,000 to 12,000 Divisional head A.E (Civil) Sr. A.O/A.O

25 3rd level FRAC Class of city Rent -slab X Y Z Composition of FRAC
40,000 to 1,00,000 20,000 to 50,000 20,000 to 40,000 20,000 to 30,000 12,000 to 20,000 Director of Postal Services Dy. Director of A/cs(P) Executive engineer (Civil)

26 Dismantlement of buildings
When a building is found to be not repairable or for any reason be no longer required for use of the dept it can be dismantled under the orders HOC Before dismantlement is undertaken, an estimate is prepared and sanction is accorded by the Head of the circle The capital value of the building will be ascertained from the register of land and buildings for preparation of estimate. If it is not possible to ascertain from the register, it will be decided on the basis of plinth or floor area.

27 Asset Register It comprises of two types: a) Movable assets
Computers & hardware Furniture & fixture Plant & Machinery Electrical equipments Office equipments and vehicles b)Immovable assets i.e. land & buildings

28 Asset Register Assets of value exceedingRs.5000/ to be included
As on 31.3 to be updated every year Account code, name & type of asset. Date of purchase, rate of purchase, depreciation etc. prescribed Assets acquired on capital outlay are to be recorded. Depreciation at the prescribed rate and straight line provided

29 Asset Register

30 Project Arrow-Look and feel infrastructure
Exterior 1.Colour scheme of walls White background with red coloured highlighted edges Interior 1.Colour scheme for walls and floors Walls-white Floors-suede colour 2.Information boards & signage 3.Customer service counters Interior branding signage on the top of the counter 4.Customer writing ledges Red and steel grey in colour Wall facing writing ledge is yellow 5.Storages cupboards Red and steel grey Accessories 1.Customer waiting benches Steel and steel grey colour 2.Counter staff chairs Chairs are grey 3.Hall and counter lights Bright white fibre lights

31 Other important building related work
Monitoring of ongoing projects Building co-ordination meeting with civil wing and electrical wing CMC meeting-funds utilisation, next year plan etc

32 thanks

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