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HHSRS The Housing Health and Safety Rating System

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1 HHSRS The Housing Health and Safety Rating System
Part 1 Housing Act 2004 Any residential premises should provide a safe and healthy environment for any potential occupier or visitor a risk based assessment system It focuses on identifying and tackling the hazards that are most likely to be present in residential premises.

2 There are 29 hazards under HHSRS.
A few examples: Damp and mould, fire, excess cold to structural defects. Any hazards that can increase the risk of an accident (such as poor lighting, or lack of stair handrails). A risk assessment looks at the likelihood of an incident arising from the condition of the property and the likely harmful outcome. For example, how likely is a fire likely to break out, what will happen if one does?

3 Overloaded electrical socket
Can cause sparks which can start a fire. Rooms in HMOs with only one double socket. Insufficient for the electrical appliance in that room Fridge, computer Kettle, phone charger, TV Each room in a HMO should have a minimum of two double sockets.


5 Poor sited electrical sockets


7 No hand rail to steady yourself when you’ve lost your balance
No hand rail to steady yourself when you’ve lost your balance. Prevent you from falling.




11 The assessment will show the presence of any serious (category 1) hazards and other less serious (category 2) hazards. HHSRS affects all owners and landlords, including social landlords. Private landlords and managing agents are advised to assess their properties to determine whether there are serious hazards that may cause a health or safety risk to tenants. They should then carry out improvements to reduce the risks.

12 Housing Standards Officers are trained and qualified in the use HHSRS and the Regulations and guidance. The assessment is based on the condition of the whole dwelling. Before an assessment can be made a thorough inspection of the dwelling is carried out to collect the evidence of the conditions and deficiencies. Officers will not only look at the current situation but how that hazard may have an impact over a twelve month period.

13 Officers use the formal scoring system to demonstrate the seriousness of hazards that can cause harm in premises. Bands A-C are classed as Category 1 a score of 1,000 or more Bands D-J are classed as Cat 2 a score of 999 or less.

14 Work with landlords and managing agents to resolve the hazards informally.
If this does not solve the issues then we can take enforcement action and this will depend on the severity of the hazard(s) we can: Serve an improvement notice; Prohibit the use of the dwelling or part of it. Emergency remedial action Work in default and prosecute the landlord.



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