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What can you expect in this Webinar? What can you expect in this Webinar? Renting Finding an appropriate rental unit Entering into a rental agreement.

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2 What can you expect in this Webinar? What can you expect in this Webinar? Renting Finding an appropriate rental unit Entering into a rental agreement Tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities Eviction situations Resolving disputes Rent subsidy programs Buying Types of housing Costs of buying a home Process and professional support involved in buying a home Affordable housing programs

3 Housing Rights Housing is a human right Human Rights Code of Ontario: all people have equal opportunity to housing It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of religion, race, tenure in Canada, sex or sexual orientation, age, marital status, receipt of government assistance, disability.

4 Housing Rights If you face housing discrimination: File a Human Rights Complaint at the Human Rights Tribunal Contact Human Rights Legal Support Centre to discuss your situation and receive legal advice Contact Centre for Equity Rights in Accommodation (CERA) for legal advice and advocacy with landlord on your behalf Contact Legal Clinic Further information: Ontario Policy on Human Rights and Rental Housing

5 Find Rental Housing Chose the type of rental unit that best suits your needs Room in a house or apartment Apartment  Studio (also called bachelor)  One, two or more bedrooms House Choose neighborhood Safety, Schools, Transportation, Work, Other Amenities

6 Find Rental Housing Search for rental housing according to your needs Rental listing websites: (Eastern Ontario); (all major cities) Newspaper classifieds Ask family, friends and community agencies Look for signs “For Rent” or “Vacancies” in your preferred neighborhood Drive around neighborhoods and talk to superintendents of the apartment building that you like to ask about available or upcoming vacancies. Rental locators (private companies that search for housing for a fee) Renting in Leeds & Grenville:

7 Entering into Rental Agreement Lease / Tenancy Agreement / Rental Contract Written Spoken (Verbal) Agreement points Duration, rate, services covered, who pays for what, rent increase time Other points if they do not contradict the Residential Tenancies Act Conditions for rent Proof of income - employment letter, bank statement, No PIN number In case of lack of income - guarantor who agrees to pay the rent for you References from previous landlords and/or community worker Rent Deposits Maximum amount of 1 month or 1 week rent – depending on terms of rent Annual interest on deposit according to Rent Increase Guideline Can be used only for last period of rent and Not for repairing damages Receipts Landlord should provide receipts for the previous 12 months even after you move Might help with tax credits during income tax completion Further lease signing advice:

8 Ending a Rental Agreement Written Notice Notice Forms available at: Length of LeaseNotice Period Daily or weekly basis 28 days notice Monthly basis60 days notice Fixed term60 days notice

9 Tenant Rights Tenant Rights Residential Tenancies Act entitles tenants to: Safe and well-maintained home Vital services Heat ( 20°C or more between September 1 to June 15) Privacy Controlled rent increases Children in the home Pets in the home, unless they cause damage / impair enjoyment of others Documents re rights & responsibilities Further information: A Guide to Residential Tenancies Act

10 Tenant Responsibilities Under the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants should: Pay the rent on-time Be reasonably quiet Keep their home clean Repair damage that they cause Obey the law Honor the rental agreement requirements Provide due notice of termination of tenancy

11 Eviction Acceptable Reasons for Eviction Not paying the rent in full or persistently paying the rent late Deliberately causing damage to the rental property Illegal activity Impairing safety of others, overcrowding, disturbing the enjoyment of others Landlord needs the unit for their own use or use of immediate family or caregiver Landlord plans to demolish or conduct significant repairs in the unit Landlord plans to sell the property and the buyer needs it for own use

12 Eviction Procedure Notice of Termination explaining the reasons Certain days to correct the problem, if not: File an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board Hearing of both parties at the Board If eviction order is issued by the Board – tenant should move If tenant doesn’t move, landlord can apply to Court Enforcement Office Only Sheriff of the Court Enforcement Office can enforce the eviction

13 Resolving Disputes The Landlord and Tenant Board’s role is to provide information about the Residential Tenancies Act and to resolve disputes 4 steps involved in the process Choose an Application (right application & forms) File an Application (fees & locations to submit) The Hearing (proper serving of the notice of hearing and application types of hearing, Mediation and Hearing procedure) The Order (types of order & enforcement mechanisms)

14 Resolving Disputes Help for Tenants - Help for Landlords - Legal Aid Ontario Community Legal Clinics – free legal assistance for low income individuals Tenant Duty Counsel – free legal advice, assistance with documents

15 Rent Subsidy Programs

16 Amount of subsidy You pay about 30% of your monthly income for rent Who is eligible? Low income: thresholds differ in each region Absence of arrears Certain buildings are for senior citizens only How to apply: Filing an application, review and wait-listing Applicant provides updates on change of financial situation Applicant is notified when apartment becomes available Waiting time: Varies across regions: from 6 months to 10 years and more Further information: Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, Coordinated Access Centre =/CM/ContentCombo.cfm&NavMenuID=683&ContentID=6172 =/CM/ContentCombo.cfm&NavMenuID=683&ContentID=6172 Leeds & Grenville For 1 bedroom: income < $26,500 For two bedroom: income < $32,000 For three bedroom: income < $36,500

17 Buying a House

18 Types of Housing Condominium Don’t own the land Owners elect a Board of Directors to manage the building and land Owners pay monthly fee towards property maintenance High-rise Low-rise Town-house Single family home Bungalow (1 level) Split level (1.5 level) Two levels and more Detached Semi-detached Duplex or triplex Looks like a single home Divided into 2 or 3 separate units

19 Finding a House Real Estate listings includes all listings with a real estate agent across and - private online Newspaper classifieds For example St. Lawrence EMC

20 Costs of Buying a Home Costs of Buying a Home Home Price 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached, single - family house in a good neighborhood: Toronto – $ 400,000- $600,000 Brockville – $200,000 - $300,000 Down Payment 5% - bank has to insure by a 3 rd party, higher interest rates 20% - more flexibility in borrowing and lower interest rate Paying the Professionals 1.5% of purchasing price to various professional services required to close the deal Mortgage House loan usually paid back in 5 - 25 years (includes base amount and interest) Interest rates vary, it is good to shop around Property Taxes Rates are determined by each municipality for every property class Property Insurance Some banks may require as a condition for loan. Good idea in case of fire, natural hazards, etc. Renovation – many pre-owned houses require major repairs before you can move in Condominium Fees - for property maintenance

21 Who You Need on Your Team Who You Need on Your Team Real Estate Agent helps find home based on your preferences, negotiate the price and conditions real estate agents are paid by the seller, not you To find a good real estate agent, call your real estate association for advice, ask family, friends and check the reviews from previous clients on the internet Mortgage Broker Finds the best terms and rates for you among different lenders Lawyer Reviews contracts, clears title deeds and processes payment Home Inspector Checks if everything is functioning properly and what repairs may be required Not mandatory, but recommended Insurance Broker Helps with property and mortgage life insurance Appraiser Assesses property’s worth and prevents paying too much Land surveyor Need, if seller does not have a current survey or Certificate of Location

22 Habitat for Humanity Housing Programs

23 Habitat for Humanity Financing No down-payment, no interest on mortgage Monthly mortgage should not exceed 25% of monthly income (at market rates mortgage is on the average 70-80% of monthly income) Eligibility criteria Income level (thresholds vary in different regions) High enough to be able to pay the mortgage, but Low enough to afford housing with 30% of income Commitment to volunteer 500 hours on the construction Application process Fill out application and submit all required financial documents Pass a “Home Interview” with Family Selection Committee If successful – decision on the type of housing and location Waiting time – none or not long (depends on the region) Duration of building the home – 1 -2 years average (depends on regional capacity) How is this possible? Volunteer work Donated materials Simple house designs Further Information:

24 Affordable Housing Program For current renters buying sole, principal residence > 18 years old Household income <$73,000 Provides up to 5% of purchase price of home Down payment is a forgivable loan Maximum purchase price of $200,000 Home must be a new or resale home in Leeds-Grenville Further Information: sing.asp

25 Key Websites Landlord and Tenant Board Homebuyers Checklist: A Newcomers’ Guide Habitat for Humanity Housing in Leeds and Grenville All Housing related questions

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