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Oregon’s Smoking Policy Disclosure Law An opportunity to educate about the benefits of no-smoking policies.

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1 Oregon’s Smoking Policy Disclosure Law An opportunity to educate about the benefits of no-smoking policies

2 Key to Success - Setting the Stage Helped with tenant survey questions Guided messaging and look/feel of materials Wove content through their newsletters, websites, trainings Redid their lease forms to include smoking policy info – received some $$$ to do it We worked with landlord groups from very beginning of Project (2005). They:

3 Legislative Concept Oregon Public Health Division was able to get disclosure concept on governor’s agenda This allowed state staff and contractors to actively work on issue

4 The Policy Landlords are required, as part of the rental agreement, to disclose whether or not smoking is: –Prohibited on the premises –Allowed on the entire premises –Allowed in limited areas on the premises If smoking is allowed, the disclosure must state where it is allowed.

5 A small compromise Initial language required landlords to warn renters about dangers of SHS Landlord trade associations did not want this added responsibility We agreed – 94% of Oregonians already said SHS is harmful They agreed and had their lobbyist advocate for the bill!

6 Advocates for the bill American Lung Association in Oregon Fair Housing Council of Oregon Metro Multifamily Housing Association Northwest Health Foundation Oregon Law Center Oregon Rental Housing Association Oregon Smokefree Housing Project Oregon Public Health Division Upstream Public Health With both industry and public health support, the law passed easily!

7 What about enforcement? The policy has no enforcement mechanism built in A landlord who does not disclose could potentially get sued Effort was designed to give additional legs to comprehensive educational campaign

8 Communication plan Landlords and those who serve them Renters General public Held a luncheon meeting to celebrate and brainstorm communication channels and methods for:

9 Primary Messages No-Smoking policies are legal Landlords need to have a smoking policy and communicate to tenants While they’re at it, why not take advantage of the great reasons to adopt a no-smoking policy Renters have the right to know the smoking policy for the property

10 Tools for Landlords Web-based fact sheet – FAQs Sample language on web Postcard Articles in trade publications Links to info from trade associations

11 Landlord postcard Mailed to 35,000 landlords

12 Resources for Renters Web-based renter fact sheet – FAQs Postcard in English and Spanish Articles placed in community news outlets Info provided to Ready to Rent & Rent Well Programs

13 Renter postcard - English

14 Renter postcard - Spanish

15 Poster

16 Tools for Local TPEP Coordinators Action checklist with outreach ideas Sample landlord letter Media talking points and LTE template Model Section 8 check insert Hands-on technical assistance We shined a light on those doing a good job of outreach

17 Has the Law Made a Difference? HUD issued notices encouraging public and affordable housing agencies to adopt no-smoking policies Market trend is very strong: Many, many property managers have adopted no-smoking policies over past 5-6 years Number of Oregon public housing authorities (22) with a no-smoking policy has jumped from 5% (1) in 2008 to 73%(16) today The law is one part of an intensive educational effort

18 Oregon Smokefree Housing Project Diane Laughter, MPH, Health In Sight LLC

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