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Project Extra Care Provider Briefing 18 th October 2012.

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1 Project Extra Care Provider Briefing 18 th October 2012

2 House keeping W.C.

3 Agenda Project Extra Care – An overview Building on the February Workshop Developing a mixed approach to delivery Establishing the Procurement Framework »Background »Our Approach »Procurement Process & Options »E-tendering Process »Timeline »HCC expectations of bidders »PQQ Do’s Questions

4 Project Extra Care – An overview Transform the provision of services for Older People in Hampshire Shift the balance in OP provision between Extra-Care and residential Increase the availability of extra care housing in all market segments Build a successful partnership between local authorities, third sector and private sector

5 Why Extra Care? Extra Care delivers benefits to all: –For individuals : –Increased sense of safety & security –Promotes independence wellbeing & choice –For Social Care: –Compatible with personalisation, with Care needs tailored to meet individual needs –A less institutionalised and more cost effective option than traditional alternative of a registered care home –For wider community –Opportunity to release family housing back into the market –Helps to maintain overall balanced community

6 Learning from February Workshop Support for aim of mixed tenure developments Adopt a flexible approach Avoid being over prescriptive Need to assist in site identification Develop open honest partnership working

7 Progress Developing the framework to include development, landlord function and, where appropriate, care provision Revised Design guide Further developing our approach to identifying need Working with Districts around planning issues Developing a site evaluation tool

8 Design Guide

9 Identifying Need Thinking has moved on Looking at local issues including tenure mix benefit levels levels of care as well as population and age profiles

10 Over 75 Population change to 2030

11 Overall Estimated Need – All Tenures

12 Locations of Delivered Care


14 Methods of Delivery 1.Framework 2.Grant Funding 3a.Local Government Act sale 3b. Joint Local Government Act sale

15 Establishing the Procurement Framework Prior Information Notice (PIN) – 26/09/12 Previous Provider Event – 14/02/2012 Cabinet Members approve Procurement Strategy and Procurement Process 10/07/2012 Contract Notice in OJEU – will be published soon Will be advertised in a range of publications: –Coummunity Care – 26/10/12 –Housing News – 26/10/12 –Inside Housing – 26/10/12 –HCC website – 22/10/12 –In-tend Opportunities Listing – 22/10/12 –South East Business Portal – 22/10/12

16 Our Approach HCC proposes to: Provide an overview of the PQQ process Keep the PQQ process as simple as possible & minimise resource requirement for all (bidders and HCC) Provide full information in respect of the electronic tendering process Provide answers to your questions as quickly as possible - (We undertake to respond in 3 working days or less) Be responsive to your issues Create a level playing field Ensure we are open, fair and transparent

17 Procurement Process (1) Restricted procurement process –Currently at PQQ stage – anyone can apply –All procurement documents are/will be available via Hampshire e-Sourcing portal: –Submit a completed application (Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)) MUST answer ALL questions & submit all relevant documents required

18 Procurement Process (2)  Deselect bidders on evaluation PQQ submissions - technical / financial / legal capability  HCC will select bidders to participate in the Invitation to Tender – up to 15  HCC will select bidders to award the framework to – up to 8  HCC has not defined the number of contracts it will award  to be determined by the procurement process Contract(s) award Criteria Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT)

19 Procurement Process (3) Compliance check all MANDATORY questions answered all REQUIRED documents submitted (ensure in correct envelope) Must pass this stage to be taken forward to Stage 1 Stage 1 – Qualification Questions Turnover & finance raising capability (pass/fail) Insurances (pass/fail) Business information (pass/fail/information) Health & Safety (pass/fail) Registrations (pass/fail) Must pass this stage to be taken forward to Stage 2 Stage 2 – Technical Questionnaire Capacity and capability to deliver the Extra Care service These questions are scored – up to the 15 highest that meet the minimum criteria will be invited to the next stage and submit tenders

20 Qualification Qualification Questions SectionQuestion TypeLocation Organisation DetailsInformationQuestionnaire Financial StandingPass/FailAttachment & Questionnaire InsurancesPass/FailAttachment & Questionnaire SustainabilityPass/FailQuestionnaire EqualitiesPass/FailQuestionnaire Professional & Business StandingPass/FailQuestionnaire Health & SafetyPass/FailQuestionnaire Landlord (RP)Pass/FailQuestionnaire Care & Support Provider (CQC etc)Pass/FailQuestionnaire Declarations & UndertakingsPass/FailQuestionnaire

21 Technical (1) Technical Questions Marks (maximum)Percentage (maximum) General10030% Developer10020% Landlord10035% Care & Support Provider10015% 100% Only full marks will be awarded by the Evaluation Team (May be averaged/moderated to 2 decimal places)

22 Technical (2) Technical Questions SectionPercentage (maximum) 44General12% 45General12% 46General6% 47 (2 parts)Developer12% 48Developer4% 49 & 50 (references)Developer4% 52 (2 parts)Landlord16% 53Landlord5% 54Landlord5% 55Landlord5% 56 & 57 (references)Landlord4% 67 (2 parts)Care & Support Provider12% 68 & 69 (references)Care & Support Provider3% Total Available100%

23 In-Tend can be accessed at: You are recommended to save this website as a favourite for future use. When you first enter the In-Tend site, you will get the following screen: You can navigate round the site using the tool bar near the top of the screen and using the buttons on the left hand side of the screen.

24 Registering your company Important: Do not register your company more than once. If you need to register your company, either click on the ‘register’ button on the left of the screen or click on ‘register’ on the toolbar at the top. This will take you to:

25 Business classification - click on the ‘Business Classifications’ tab.

26 Updating your company details You can update your company details at any time. Once logged in, click on ‘Company Details’ in the toolbar then select the relevant tab to update. In particular, the contact details tab gives details about the individual users in your company.

27 Expressing Interest in a PQQ or Tender If you see an advert in an OJEU notice or another publication asking you to express an interest then go to the website https://in- Click on ‘Tenders’ then ‘Current’ in the toolbar. This will bring up a list of the current opportunities. Search for or scroll down to the tender that you are interested in and click on ‘View Details’ button. If once you have read the details and any clarifications, you are still interested in the project then click on the ‘Express Interest’ button. At this point, if you have not already done so, you will need to log into the website using the details that your company has already registered. If your company has not registered, click on the ‘Register’ button (see guidance above). If you require additional access to your existing registration then see the updating your company details section above. Once you have expressed an interest you will be returned to the tender management screen where you will be able to see the status of your project. See section on my tenders for more information about the tender management screen.

28 This takes you to the Tender Management Screen. The ‘Tender Management’ Screen gives more details about the project including: A summary of the project Tender documents Correspondence for the project Clarifications for the project (this project is only visible if clarifications exist) A history for the project.

29 Having checked for clarifications and correspondence, click on the red tab to view further information on the tender and prepare your return. Note that the name of this tab will change depending on the stage that the tender has reached.

30 Provisional Timeline EventDate 1PQQ Documents Published22/10/2012 2Bidders’ Briefing / Supplier Day18/10/2012 3Deadline for Clarification Questions (on PQQ)16/11/2012 4Return of PQQs03/12/2012 5Shortlist of Suppliers invited to tender / ITT documents released 11/02/2013 6Possible Additional Bidders’ BriefingsTBC 7Deadline for Clarification Questions (on ITT)15/03/2013 8Return of tenders03/04/2013

31 HCC Expectations of Bidders Evidence that you understand what is required You have the capacity and capability to deliver the service and can implement the specification of requirements A clear service delivery agreement with a focus on continuous improvement A positive working relationship – share information and problems/issues That you are open and honest and mutual trust You submit high quality documents that are as easy and simple as possible for evaluation Do not submit extraneous information

32 PQQ Dos (1) Provide the evidence you can meet HCC requirements and: Be Competitive & Profitable Be Sustainable & deliver Continuity of service Be Developmental & Innovative Be Responsive & Flexible Be a Quality supplier due to your uniqueness..demonstrate you are the best choice & best value for money! Remember: Assume we know nothing We probably do not know your business in entirety You are only as good as the evidence you present We cannot evaluate information you do not present

33 PQQ Dos (2) Submit on time - if late will not be considered In accordance with the Conditions of Pre – Qualification Recognise you are in a competitive process Answer all questions – do not leave any blanks & state N/A Respond to requests for further information promptly Clarify ALL issues/concerns before you submit your tender Ensure you/colleagues QA all documents before submission If you do not understand anything in the PQQ documentation ASK

34 Contact Details Correspondence within In-tend Alistair Little – 01962 832 453 For technical issues with the portal - In-Tend Support Phone: 0844 272 8810 Fax: +44 (0) 1709 331074 E-mail: Web Site:

35 Question and Answer Session

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