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TPAS Accreditation Colin Cassie

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1 TPAS Accreditation Colin Cassie

2 About TPAS Accreditation Developed in 2007 Revised in 2013 to reflect new requirements 10 accreditation standards Full assessment & review of tenant participation practice Tool for continual improvement Highlights good practice & weaknesses Recommendations for improvement

3 10 Accreditation Standards 1.The landlord has an effective tenant participation strategy 2.The landlord provides good information to tenants 3.There are effective tenant involvement structures 4.Tenants are involved in making decisions 5.The landlord works in partnership with tenants 6.Tenants are involved in the landlord’s self assessment and can scrutinise performance

4 Accreditation Standards 7.There are sufficient resources & support for effective tenant participation 8.Staff have good awareness of tenant participation 9.The landlord has realistic timescales for tenant participation 10.The landlord is committed to promoting equal opportunities

5 Accreditation Process Self-assessment completed by landlord – Demonstration of 10 standards – Scored performance on 6-point scale Supported by: – Documentary evidence – Focus group discussions TPAS assessment Feedback report Independent validation TPAS accreditation reviewed every 3 years

6 Tenant Focus Groups

7 Additional Focus Groups Senior staff Operational staff Board members Elected members Other stakeholders

8 Scoring & Grading of Accreditation Submissions Gold Level 6 – excellent Level 5 – very good Silver Level 4 – good Level 3 – above average Bronze Level 2 – basic Level 1 - in development

9 Independent validation Independent accreditation panel Experience of tenant participation Validation of TPAS findings Final say on awarding of accreditation Bronze, silver, gold Confidential Independent Accreditation Panel Tenant Rep Landlord Rep Independent Rep

10 Benefits of Accreditation: Scrutiny built into the process – Assessing, measuring & scoring performance of tenant participation in focus groups Service improvement - our feedback report will identify: – Statutory requirements & good practice in place? – Effective communication with tenants – Involvement in decision making – Opportunities to scrutinise performance – Recommendations for improvement

11 Benefit for Tenants Meaningful input into how tenant participation is delivered Findings of accreditation can feed into the review of the TP Strategy Development of participation methods and structures that suit your customers Raises the profile of tenant participation within your organisation Assurance that best practice is in place

12 Awarding Accreditation & Promoting your success!

13 TPAS Accredited Accreditation award and logo Publicity for your achievements Practical participation and scrutiny recommendations A tenant participation strategy shaped by tenants!

14 Any questions…? And finally…

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