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London Landlord Accreditation Scheme

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2 London Landlord Accreditation Scheme
Meurig Lloyd London Landlord Accreditation Scheme

3 What Is Accreditation? Voluntary compliance with standards
Acknowledges and encourages good landlords Gives market advantage

4 What is the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme?
Partnership Accredits Landlord Recognition for Good landlords Not a standard setter

5 What is the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme?
Helping you get it right

6 Aim operate a successful business.
Provide landlords with the information and skills to :-. operate a successful business. provide tenants with safe, high quality accommodation. reduce the need for Council intervention. State that scheme is:- - aimed at good landlords and not intended to be of interest to poor landlords - but will allow interested landlords to receive effective support and allow LAs to concentrate on poorer performing L/Ls.

7 The tenant abandons the property? Only 2 legal solutions….
What Can I Do If……………… The tenant abandons the property? Only 2 legal solutions….

8 What Can I Do If……………? The tenant changes the locks to the house and refuses to give me a key? Contractual

9 Housing Act What happens if I fail to licence my property under the new Act? Fine plus………………

10 IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!!! What Can I Do If……………?
If tenant turns out to be a tenant from hell? IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!!!

11 Background to Scheme Launched July 2004 Partnership Working
London Boroughs Landlord organisations NLA, NFRL University Accommodation Units NHS Accommodation teams PLUS Advisory group of landlords

12 Three Elements of LLAS Knowledge & Skills Code of Conduct Fit & proper Person

13 What’s in It for Landlords?
Up to date knowledge Comprehensive reference manual Business advantage Preferential treatment by University & NHS Accommodation Units

14 What’s in It for Landlords?
Grants Individual LA policies LLAS grants Financial incentives Discounted HMO licensing Fees Discounted insurance Discounted goods Access to guaranteed lettings

15 What’s in It for Councils?
Better quality private sector Targeted enforcement Improved relationships Better joint working with LAs Lower churn rate

16 Who Can Be Accredited? Limited Companies Partnerships
Sole Traders Limited Companies Partnerships Prospective landlords Currently investigating the accreditation of Agents

17 Once Accredited…..That’s It?
5 Years Accreditation removed if :- Made false statement Breach Code of Conduct Prosecuted

18 Once Accredited What Do I Need to Do?
Keep up to date with changes affecting rental market Be member of landlords organisation Attend additional LLAS development courses Attend London Landlords day seminars Undertake additional training

19 £74.90 Course Fees £94.00 inc VAT 20% discount if register on-line

20 LLAS Contacts

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