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Science Fair Extra Credit

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1 Science Fair Extra Credit
By: Alaina Gardner

2 Hyper Links Process Question and Hypothesis Supplies Conclusion Steps

3 Question Hypothesis Does Tea, Coffee, or Coke stain your teeth?
I think Tea, Coffee, or Coke will stain your teeth.

4 Supplies 3 hallowed out eggs. Tea, Coffee, and Coke. 3 large bowls
A tool to fish out the eggs with.

5 Steps 1. Hallow out three eggs with a sewing needle and make the hole about an inch wide so the yolk can come out faster. 4. Let the eggs sit in the bowls for three days and each day fish out the eggs and record what happens each day. 2. Fill three separate bowls with coke, coffee, and tea. 3. Put one hallowed out egg in each bowl of liquid.

6 Process Coke-Stain is the worst. Coffee-Dark and stained brownish.
Day 3 Day 1 Coffee-Dark and stained brownish. Tea-Light colored stain kind of light brown. Coke-Darker brown stained really bad. Coffee-Stain still looking green. Tea-Stain is getting a little darker. Coke-Stain is the worst. Day 2 Coffee-Stain is starting to look a little light greenish. Tea-Stain is getting a little darker. Coke-Same as yesterday but a little darker.

7 Conclusion Over all my hypothesis was correct. Tea, Coke, and Coffee do stain your teeth.

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