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By: Katie Jennings. I am Katie Jennings I am from Austin, Texas and lived here all my life. I love the fun in the creat your own adventure books so, I.

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1 By: Katie Jennings

2 I am Katie Jennings I am from Austin, Texas and lived here all my life. I love the fun in the creat your own adventure books so, I made one myself. This is about somebody who climbs Everest and gets in danger and gets pleased. My uncle climbed many mountains and has described them sooo good I thought it would be a good book to write about. I hope you enjoy!

3 Do not read this book straight through from beginning to end! These pages contain many different adventures you can have. From time to time as you read along, you will be asked to make choices. Your choices may lead to SUCCESS or DISASTER! The adventures you have will be the results of the choices you make. After you make a choice, follow the directions to see what happens next. You have been WARNED! GOOD LUCK! WARNING!

4 You will win a million dollars if you reach Everest when you’re still 15. You will be the youngest person to climb Everest. January 13 th you start packing and the amount of gear you pack is incredibly large. The next day you finish packing. Friday, January 15 th 2008 you start the climb. Dun dun ! 1,000 feet off the ground and you notice you have to make a big choice. You see a frozen lake that looks pretty solid but has a little crack through the middle. You can pick the frozen lake or your other choice is to go through a dark and foggy cave with vampire bats hanging from the ceiling. Both chances are risky, but you have to pick one way or the other.pick the frozen lake vampire bats hanging from the ceiling

5 You’ve picked the cave and as you tiptoe quickly but quietly you see the glowing eyes of the bats. The mist in the air makes you shiver as you stiffly walk through the cave. You were scared because you didn’t have a flashlight and it was almost pitch black. You finally sense a dead end, and realize you have to make a left or right turn. The left looks a bit more dangerous and people have died from going that way, but the right path looks a little darker. The right path has a huge glacier you could easily fall through! If you choose left click here. If you choose right click here. click here

6 Congratulations, you have survived. As you enter the right path there is a sudden ditch. You squeeze around it and use your pick axe to help you. Phew that was a close one. After few miles of walking you notice a crystal clear frozen lake with frozen trout every where! A few miles away you also see a huge glacier that looks SCARY, but has yards of rope bundled up tightly that someone must have left behind that died! Which way do you go? If you pick the frozen lake GO HERE. If you pick the Glacier GO HERE.GO HERE

7 Your pick, the Frozen lake. It was vvvvveeeerrrrryyyy cold and the coldness made the ride slightly uncomfortable, but good thing your coat was in your backpack. You put on your coat and it warms you up and comforts you. As soon as you look up, the (small) crack was only a couple yards away! You have to make a choice and quick!! Do you slowly glide over it or leap over the crack and when you land hope the weight of your body doesn’t crack the ice! If you pick the first choice to slowly glide across it click here. If you pick the second choice to leap into the air click here

8 The lake was scary at times but not at others. You where about 5 miles away and heard a loud cracking noise and you jumped and made a little shrieking noise eehhh! The frozen trout made a little wiggle below your feet. As you looked back you saw that across the lake there was a huge crack! Should you Run speedily across or tiptoe across. If you pick to run across the lake go here. If you pick to tiptoe across the lake go here.go here go here

9 Oh no you picked the left path not a very good choice!! The glacier was very thin and wasn’t very thick at all. A couple miles ahead of you, you started to sink and as you struggled to survive you wished you would have been picked a different path and seen the summit of Everest. Ahhhh, you screamed. You got 5,080 feet off the ground at least that’s what your altimeter said! Good bye earth was your last word you said!

10 The ride was hard, tough and the journey was over. The running made the ice crackle. The cracking sounded like popcorn popping in the microwave. The cracking made me scared with fear!aaaahhhhhhhh and, you died.

11 You have decided to tiptoe across the lake, GOOD choice! The crack in the lake suddenly froze and made no sound. The rest of the way was scary, ok, weird, funny, and crazy. You suddenly stop and realize that the summit of the mountain was a couple Yards away you jog slowly but fast and in a few minutes you touch the summit of Everest. Congrats you have won a million dollars and succeeded in one of the worlds biggest challenges and you are still 15!!!! TURN TO NEXT PAGE!

12 The million dollars got spent on many things such as a trip to Hawaii and a private jet with turbo boosters, An iphone, lab top and, your own company that sold clothes! It was very useful for many things. The most important thing was the ability to be able to brag About it to your friends and family.

13 You have decided to glide across the lake and you suddenly realized that you just suddenly stopped and didn’t move. No more oxygen was contained in your oxygen tank, and you had no choice but to take off your oxygen mask and hope you have enough oxygen in the air to save you while you turn around. So you took off the mask and 5 minutes later you can tell it is getting harder to breathe and start to suffocate

14 You’ve decided to leap into the air. As you take the leap, you pick up enough speed to slide onto the snow across the lake. As you look up, you see the peak of Mount Everest. CONGRATULATIONS! You are 15 years old and have won ONE MILLION DOLLARS! YOU TURN TO NEXT PAGE!

15 You made it to the glacier. You have succeeded 5 miles up the glacier. 10 more miles to the summit. You reach for the rope, grab it and put it in your backpack. You start to slip and realize you can’t get a grip. You roll to the side and start heading down because there is no possible way to get back up. All you can say is you SAW the summit of Mount Everest.

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