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Click Once to Begin JEOPARDY! A game show template.

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2 Click Once to Begin JEOPARDY! A game show template



5 Matter

6 Particles

7 Solutions

8 Solutes

9 Solvents

10 Mixtures

11 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

12 Daily Double Graphic and Sound Effect! DO NOT DELETE THIS SLIDE! Deleting it may cause the game links to work improperly. This slide is hidden during the game, and WILL not appear. In slide view mode, copy the above (red) graphic (click once to select; right click the border and choose “copy”). Locate the answer slide which you want to be the daily double Right-click and choose “paste”. If necessary, reposition the graphic so that it does not cover the answer text. Daily Double!!!

13 This is the pure substance from sugar cane

14 What is table sugar?

15 This is the raw material that produces aluminum?

16 What is bauxite?

17 When only some of the solute dissolves in the solvent

18 What is not very soluble?

19 When none of the solute will dissolve in the solvent

20 What is insoluble?

21 Removing all the larger parts of a mixture

22 What is straining?

23 Removing all the iron parts of a mixture

24 What is using a magnet?

25 Removing all the salt from the sand by adding them to water first

26 What is dissolving?

27 Removing all the salt from your winter boots by letting them dry

28 What is evaporation?

29 Adding more solute to a solution will increase this

30 What is concentration?

31 Adding more solvent to a solution will do this

32 What is dilute?

33 This refers to the ability of a solute to move into the empty air spaces of a solvent

34 What is solubility?

35 A solute that will not move into the empty air spaces of a solvent

36 What is insoluble?

37 By increasing this from 10 C to 20 C will increase the amount of salt that will dissolve

38 What is temperature?

39 By doing this very quickly more of the solute may dissolve

40 What is stirring?

41 This is the force that will cause kool aid particles to move into the empty air spaces between water molecules

42 What is attraction?

43 The particle theory is an explanation of this

44 How particles of matter move

45 Matter can be liquid, gas or this

46 What is solid?

47 Molecules in liquids move this way

48 What is vibrating fast and sliding past one another?

49 This is how molecules in a solid move

50 What is vibrate back and forth?

51 This is how molecules in a gas move

52 What is bouncing off one another?

53 A solution is more concentrated than dilute is this is darker

54 What is color?

55 Daily Double!!!

56 A bit of this in water makes a good antiseptic for cuts

57 What is table salt?

58 A solution is more dilute than concentrated if it has less of this

59 What is mass?

60 This kind of solution will hold an object up because the air spaces are all filled up

61 What is saturated?

62 A mixture has to have at least this many different particles.

63 What is two?

64 Raisin bread, concrete, orange juice with pulp are all examples

65 What is heterogeneous or mechanical mixtures?

66 Honey, marshmallows, and vanilla ice cream are all examples

67 What are homogeneous mixtures or solutions?

68 This will remove paint from your hands

69 What is liquid varsol?

70 Alcohol is a good lock de-icer, since it can dissolve frozen drops of this in the keyhole

71 What is water?

72 On a windy day, snow and ice will dissolve into this without melting.

73 What is thin air?

74 Final Jeopardy

75 This is the mass of salt that will dissolve in 100 ml of water at 20 degrees Celsius

76 What is 36 grams?

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