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Bulletin n o. 6 WITH CLAIRVOYANTS In the end of october, 2006, I went for a lecture at the spiritist center of São Paulo, coordinated by Donato Silveira.

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2 Bulletin n o. 6 WITH CLAIRVOYANTS In the end of october, 2006, I went for a lecture at the spiritist center of São Paulo, coordinated by Donato Silveira and I had the oportunity to meet Vivaldo Ferreira. I was informed he has a rare gift, a genuine clairvoyance. His gift caught my attention because he had no training and no development. This seemed to be interesting as there was no limits or previous pressure imposed by rules we read in the books. He saw what he saw. He was born like this. I decided to invite him for a recording session to find out what he could see in the environment. PRESENTATION: In research, to innovate is necessary. I see our friends repeating the same procedures of the pioneers over and over, and of course, they get similar results. It's not our style. We always take risks. We mistake over and over....but at some point, we get it right! And when this happens, new accomplishments lead to new ways. The experience with Donato Silveira's group was very rewarding. Here we'll show some of the results we got. Tight hug from Sonia Rinaldi IPATI – Instrumental Transcommunication Advanced Research Institute MEDIUNIDADE We would like to add, that from our point of view, Transcommunication has nothing to do with being medium. Actually, it's the opposite, in almost twenty years of research we never needed a medium since we focus on the scientific phenomenon. Any element that could lead to subjective conclusions, would change our way to act. Vivaldo also has a btother with such gift. In this case, since the two of them are medium and have such a gift, we suggested the meeting. Vivaldo seems to be a medium of physical effects but this didn't change the routine of audio emission or images, however, their vision and descriptions were extremely curious. In this same day, Vivaldo's brother gave us a detailed description of the environment, specially something that he called “skylight” (because he had no other better word) up in the ceiling, in the center of the lab, where the light and signs that went straight to the computer came from. Something similar was described by Vivaldo, he compared the object to a restaurant chimney, an opening, and throught it you could see the equipment similar to a camera that seemed to film the meeting. Danilo drew the enlighted signs that seemed to organize the audios during the answers. Very Curious! One of the transfigurations of Vivaldo Ferreira

3 SOME HAPPENINGS: When both clairvoyants arrived in the lab, they could feel the presence of their mother, Dona Tereza. In fact, that was confirmed in the audios. On the right, you see who was in front of the camera and in the center, the image that show who he became. Very similar to Dona Tereza. On the right side, it's the picture of her when she was alive. You can compare. Vivaldo, who had darker skin, turned into a blond and blue-eyed person. As we mentioned, this phenomenon happens in real time, and can be seen by everyone in the room, we were 6 people. Vivaldo in the beginning of the filming. Vivaldo and his transfiguration Changing in detail.

4 WOULD IT BE FERNANDO? Vivaldo was still in front of the camera when everyone in the room could see an image that appeared rapidily. It seemed to be my husband, who died 2 years ago. Vivaldo has dark skin and Fernando was very pale. Vivaldo's beard is thinning and Fernando's beard is rich. It doesn't matter to us if the apparitions of every case doesn't match with 100% of the deceased poeple. Every research has a way of evoluting. This transfiguration process is very rare and requires a lot of training from the other side. As our readers know, the image emissions is an Extraterrestrial responsability, Mr. Narisha is in charge of that. Unfortunately, this creatures that have such a sophisticated science (at lest we humans can't transfigure an image into another in real time!) have to adapt to our modest equipment and resources. It seems that they wish to bring to earth, proofs that they want to support us and help us. Vivaldo Fernando when he as alive transimages

5 AN UNEXPECTED APPARITION We had already made the structure of this bulletin when we sent it to Vivaldo. It was one of the videos in which he transfigured into a blond man. He quickly returned the video to us with another information. He noticed that there was a sequence of transphotos where someone he knew, who was deceased, showed up. Vivaldo searched for the pictures of this man with his family and sent it to us, confirming that he was right. As he was a clairvoyant, the deceased man's family met Vivaldo some months before, seeking news. In the same afternoon, Vivaldo had a dream in which he saw the murder, he described it to the family, with information that only the closest people knew. The deceased man's wife was very comoted. He said to the murded man's mother, that he had been killed when he tried to stop a fight when somebody was spanking his cousin. When he approached, the others thought he had a gun and shot him. It seems noticeable the transformation of Vivaldo into his friend. Vivaldo in front of the camera before it was filmed Rapaz quando vivo Man when he was alive Vivaldo transfigured into the deceased man

6 AUDIO RECORDED (and heard with the presence of the group ): 1. As soon as we started to record, Mr. German (who runs the station)confirmed that the connection was great: Voice Mr. German: “It's coming well!” Sonia: “Ho Mr. German, good afternoon!” 2. We soon started to contact the clairvoyants' mother, Dona Tereza. Sonia: “Danilo will be the first to talk to you!” Old lady's voice: “Keep your company” Danilo: “Hi, mom. How are you there in the afterlife?” 3. Danilo: “Hi, mom. How is it going tere in the other side?” Old lady's voice: “I answered” 4. Old lady's voice: “I want to go back” 5. Old lady's voice: “I just have to call, we'll see each other” 6. Ferreira's sister “(...) A kiss, and a hug” Old lady's voice: “I'll go away, with another kiss..!” 7. Old lady's voice: “I give my face” 8. Old lady's voice: “A smile when you film” 9. Old lady's voice: “You want to keep...” Voice of somebody in the room: “Dona Tereza, it's Raimundo” Old lady's voice: “I think it's good” Raimundo: “Now he doesn't miss his mother anymore...!”

7 10. This contact is curious, not only because it was so consistent, but because it shows that Dona Tereza was feeling her daughter's love and and her emotional vibrations, she was finding it hard to speak: Old lady's voice: “It takes to speak! It enlights!” Vivaldo's sister: “Hi mom...!” 11. It 's very uncommon to have our voices cut by the communicators, but in this case, the old lady's voice parcially surpass vivaldo's sister's voice: Old lady's voice: “listening give us strenght!” 12. Vivaldo's sister: “I've been feeling you by my side” Old lady's voice: “Non stop!” Vivaldo's sister: “Kisses...” 13. Old lady's voice: “I just have to call...” Vivaldo's wife: “Dona Tereza, I have noticed that you're still working in this other side” 14. Old lady's voice: “Contact my beloved girl, he goes with the time” It seems that this is a technical information, to access us, they must adjust the time – it s the suggestion that the family will have a technically controled time when making contact. 15. Old lady's voice: “she's seeing you!” Vivaldo: “Hi mom....take care of granny and aunt” The answer suggests that the aunt or the grandmother was there, seeing him.

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