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Realism Vs. Naturalism Characteristics and Differences.

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1 Realism Vs. Naturalism Characteristics and Differences

2 Realism American life as it really is Verisimilitude “Truthful treatment of material”—Howells “mirror the... realities of life” —James Ordinary people in ordinary situations Local color and regional stories

3 Realism Generally middle class characters Subtleties of human personality Situational irony, dramatic irony Moral truths

4 Naturalism Harsher, darker realism Extreme objectivity and frankness Characters dominated by environment and heredity Low social/economic classes Destiny = “misery in life and oblivion in death” (McMichael et al. 7)

5 Naturalism Cosmic irony Truths are illusory Influence of Darwinism Animality of humans Irresistible forces of evolution

6 Summary RealismNaturalism VerisimilitudeHarsher Ordinary peopleEnvironment and heredity Middle classesLower classes Human personalityMisery and death Situational ironyCosmic irony Moral truthsTruths are illusions Optimism & humanismPessimism & determinism

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