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She’s brave, she’s strong, she’s Winter the dolphin!!!

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1 She’s brave, she’s strong, she’s Winter the dolphin!!!

2 Dolphin Tale is a movie about a dolphin that gets her tail stuck in a crab trap and has to get it operated off. Starring as the dolphin, Winter plays herself in the movie about her fascinating story that brings people to Clearwater, Florida now to meet her. She has inspired people who have also lost a limb to stand strong. DOLPHIN TALE

3 WINTER FACTS  Winter is a bottle nosed dolphin  She was found in December, so she was named Winter  She was found in 2005 at 3 months old  She was found near Cape Canaveral, FL  She was taken into Clearwater Marine Aquarium for care  Over 6 years, she's been made over 50 prosthetic tails  In 2011 she was just 27o pounds  She inspired people who visited her who had also lost a limb

4  Food; herring, cod, or mackerel others eat squid  Dolphins love humans, especially pregnant women  Dolphins are very intelligent mammals  Dolphins are generally darker on their back than the rest of their body  They are part of the toothed whale family  Since dolphins are mammals they give birth to live young  Dolphins like to live in salt and freshwater  Dolphins aren't even close to extinction. Where ever there's water, they are. DOLPHINS

5 CLEARWATER MARINE Winter’s home and training facility birds eye view

6 WINTERS TRAINING FACILITY Winter spends hard hours in this facility training. Not only to train for the movie, but also to train her to use her prosthetic tail so it can’t harm her in any way.


8  It took the crew years to figure out a solution to the prosthetic tail until they found the perfect one. It had a gel or plasticy type feel, which they named Winters gel. It took years to find the perfect one!!!!! PROSTHETIC TAIL

9  Winter’s chances of surviving were very slim. Many dolphins die each year because they get their tails stuck in crab nets. But she survived!!  Winter’s chance of surviving without a tail were very slim. Many dolphins die of that too. But she survived!! HER CHANCES OF SURVIVING

10  Winter still survives today with the help of Clearwater Marine.  They help her swim  The help her eat  And most importantly, they help her live  They have helped her through tough times WINTER


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