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Line Designs, Knot Designs

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1 Line Designs, Knot Designs
Homework: On graph paper, create 2 lines designs using a 45° angle and a 120 °, AND 2 knot designs, finishing off the ends. (Try a triangular one.)

2 Line Designs, Knot Designs
We are going to use the communicators to practice these designs From the window shelf: Take a communicator (has marker & wipe inside) & a piece of graph paper Put the graph paper, darker side up, in the communicator

3 LINE DESIGNS Isometric cube made completely of straight lines.

4 On one side of the marked angle, starting from the vertex, or corner, number each division. In this case, we are counting from 1 through 10. Starting at the other side, from the vertex/corner, mark the segments 10 through 1.

5 With a ruler, connect the number ones (1) together (the one at the top of the line to the one near the corner).

6 Now you have a curve, having drawn ONLY straight lines!!!
Repeat for all of the numbers (2 to 2, 3 to 3, 4 to 4, and so on). Now you have a curve, having drawn ONLY straight lines!!!

7 Make additional angles next to each other to make complex shapes.


9 Warnings If you mess up, start all over, because if you don't, one line will be out of proportion. Use a ruler or else it will look sloppy.

10 Square Isosceles Triangle

11 Circle – 8 divisions Circle – 6 divisions

12 Knot Designs

13 How to draw knot designs

14 This is the most basic start for a cross.
These are based on the shapes drawn beneath.

15 Now, to show you how to finish a simple knot and make the several lines into one line all you have to do is connect the outer lines.

16 How to Create a Line Design
We all know that a line segment, or a line, is straight, right? What if somebody told you that you could make curves entirely out of straight lines? With line design (also known as "string art" and "curve stitching") you can arrange a series of straight lines in a systematic way so that they create the appearance of a smooth curve, forming what is called an "envelope" in mathematics. These curves are based on mathematical formulas and can result in many complex and intriguing curves. Don't worry, though, it's much easier than it looks..

17 Isometric cube made completely of straight lines.








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