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Indigocrisp and Other SHB Selections from the UF-IFAS Breeding Program Dr. Jim Olmstead February 20, 2014.

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1 Indigocrisp and Other SHB Selections from the UF-IFAS Breeding Program Dr. Jim Olmstead February 20, 2014

2 UF Variety Release Must adhere to current UF-IFAS standards -Tested in enough replication, locations, years, etc. -Chain of custody – developmental timeline, MTA agreements -Foundation stock -Plan for intellectual property protection and commercialization

3 UF Variety Release Release justification presented to Departmental and IFAS cultivar release committees. After release, Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc. handles commercialization for the University of Florida.

4 Royalties UF – IFAS policy on release, protection and introduction of plant material: 70% of the royalty payment comes directly back to the breeding program Royalty payments fund the breeding program: salary, students, and infrastructure


6 FL (Indigocrisp TM ) FL is an early maturing crisp-textured genotype best adapted to areas with chilling requirements similar to or higher than Gainesville, FL. The key positive attributes for FL are: Very firm, crisp texture similar to Bluecrisp and Sweetcrisp Earlier maturing than either Bluecrisp or Sweetcrisp Higher yields than existing crisp textured genotypes Potential for machine harvest for fresh market production Reduced postharvest bruising or pathogen damage Good flavor and size Good vegetative budbreak with high crop loads

7 FL (Indigocrisp TM ) Potential problems with FL : Higher chill requirement means limited potential in expanding production areas in Florida (I-4 south). Propagation by softwood stem cuttings has often resulted in low rooting percentages. Susceptible to Botryosphaeria stem blight. Darker fruit color

8 11/27/2012

9 1/30/20134/2/2012


11 11/27/2012

12 Field Ratings ( ) 50% BloomHarvest GenotypeDate (DOY)TimingSurv.YieldLeaf.SizeColorScarFirm.Flavor FL Early-mid Emerald37Mid-late Scintilla31Early-mid Star49Mid Sweetcrisp41Late Farthing45Mid-late Meadowlark34Early Primadonna41Early-mid

13 Lab Ratings (2013) Avg. Berry% Titrat.% SolubleSS/TAFirmness GenotypeWt. (g)AciditySolidsRatio(g/mm) FL ± ± ± ± ± 4.8 Emerald2.54 ± ± ± ± ± 3.5 Scintilla2.55 ± ± ± ± ± 7.1 Star2.86 ± ± ± ± ± 7.6 Sweetcrisp2.07 ± ± ± ± ± 6.1 Farthing2.24 ± ± ± ± ± 7.9 Meadowlark2.94 ± ± ± ± ± 12.9

14 Consumer Evaluation of Crisp Texture


16 Additional Information Mehra et al Postharvest disease development on southern highbush blueberry fruit in relation to berry flesh type and harvest method. Plant Dis. 97: Machine harvested fruit with crisp texture (including FL ) had the same or lower postharvest disease incidence as hand harvested conventional texture fruit Takeda et al Techniques for increasing machine harvest efficiency in southern highbush and rabbiteye blueberry. HortTechnology 23: FL had the highest packout percentages after machine harvest (94% - similar to hand harvest)

17 Foundation Stock MTA (AgriStarts, Inc.) allows for the initiation and propagation of FL prior to license offerings. Initiation completed winter , multiplication stage currently Initial budwood distribution will be limited. Breeder stock is maintained at the PSREU at Citra. Contact Florida Foundation Seed Producers for license information

18 Summary FL is an early-maturing, crisp genotype which will add another machine harvest for fresh market suitable variety to the short list currently available to Southeastern blueberry growers. Unreliable propagation has been the biggest difficulty in the past. We hope to minimize this problem by making tissue culture plantlets available at the time licenses are offered. FL consistently ranks higher in yield than other crisp- textured genotypes, and the sugar/acid ratio beats many current varieties.

19 Dec. 2013Jan. 2014

20 Feb. 2014Feb after H.C.

21 Harvest Timing Total pounds/week for 5 bushes (3-yr old planting) Week of YearFLSel01Jewel Total (Pound/5 bush) Pound/acre (1800 plants)15,00016,000


23 Dr. Jim Olmstead UF-IFAS Horticultural Sciences Dept Fifield Hall Gainesville, FL (352)

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