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2 Name that structure??

3 Homologous!

4 Looking at the pelvic girdle and hind limb, name that structure!

5 Vestigial!

6 Name that structure!

7 Analogous!

8 Name that structure!

9 Homologous!

10 Ostrich wings, name that structure!

11 Vestigial!

12 Types of Natural Selection


14 Starlings produce an average of five eggs in each clutch
Starlings produce an average of five eggs in each clutch. If there are more than five, the parents cannot adequately feed the young. If there are fewer than five, predators may destroy the entire clutch. This is an example of ______________

15 Stabilizing Selection!

16 Name that type of selection!
Before the industrial revolution in London, most peppered moths were white, and blended in with the trees. Some moths were darker but that was not the common phenotype. When the air became polluted after the revolution, the bark of the trees were covered in black soot. The darker-colored moths had a fitness advantage, because they could camouflage themselves better than the white moths could

17 Directional

18 The occurrence of large or small beak sizes among seed crackers in the absence of medium sized beaks is an example of _____________

19 Disruptive Selection!

20 Draw the Graph Larger squirrels can carry larger acorns to their burrows, and they outcompete smaller squirrels when acorn supplies are limited. Directional Curve

21 Draw the Graph Spotted brown-and-white butterflies blend into lichen-covered tree bark, making it difficult for predators to see them, while solid brown and solid white butterflies are easier to see and get eaten Stabalizing

22 Draw the Graph The rocks at the bottom of a Mt. Hood stream are either black or white. Snails that live on these rocks are a range of color from solid black to gray to solid white. A local freshwater fish loves to munch on these snails, but it cannot see the solid black or solid white snails when the snails are on matching rocks. Grey does not blend into either rock color and is much easier to see. Disruptive curve

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