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Lumea Training 2013. Quiz 2 All together Answer the following questions 5 minutes Activity.

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1 Lumea Training 2013

2 Quiz 2 All together Answer the following questions 5 minutes Activity

3 5.0 million million 2.3 million Quiz Activity On the entire surface of the human body, there are about 5 million hairs; but many of them are difficult to see How many hairs are there on average on the human body?

4 Lower legs 4 From which area do women remove hair most? Eyebrows Underarms Quiz Activity Across countries, almost all women depilate underarms (95%), lower legs (91%) and bikini line (88%). Eyebrows come fourth, with 64% Synovate, female depilation segmentation study, August 2009

5 Blade shaving, tweezing, epilation Quiz 5 What are the three most often used depilation methods worldwide? Blade shaving, waxing at salon, epilation Blade shaving, electric shaving, tweezing Activity Globally, the most often used hair removal methods are blade shaving (80%), tweezing (59%) and electric epilation (20%). Synovate, female depilation segmentation study, August 2009

6 3.8 times times 6.3 times Quiz Activity On average, women depilate 9 times more skin surface than men; cm² for women vs. 121 cm² for men The skin surface as depilated by women is on average … times the surface as depilated by men.

7 7 Evolution of female depilation methods Introduction to root removal From surface removal Blade / Ladyshave Short term effect (1-2 days) Gentle Wax / Epilation Mid term effect (2-3 weeks) Limited gentleness Professional IPL / Laser Long term effect (6-12 months) Limited gentleness Expensive to hair growth prevention New hair removal methods are being offered and existing methods are constantly improved.

8 8 Hair removal pro’s and con’s CategoryMain benefitMain drawback Blade“Quick and easy, smooth legs just after... but grows back quickly and not 100% safe.” Epilator“Long lasting result, less and softer hair in the long run… but painful and red dots just after.” Wax“Long lasting result, less and softer hair in the long run… but long, boring process and painful.” Depilating cream “No nicks and cuts, smooth legs just after... but grows back quickly and messy.” Electric shaver“Quick and easy, no nicks and cuts... but grows back quickly and not as close as a blade.” Professional laser / IPL “Long lasting, no more worries about hair removal... but quite expensive with still touch-ups.” Introduction

9 9 Market development: at-home Market Trends Euromonitor, Cosmetics & Toiletries, sales value WEU 2008 │ GfK, sales vale WE13, 2008 share3 yr +/- Cosmetics100%7.5% Pre-shave7%2.3% Razors & blades45%9.2% Depilatory creams / bleaches 48%6.7% share3 yr +/- Appliances100%12.5% Epilators75%14.9% Shavers13%-19.7% Trimmers4%13.9% Electrolysis3%131.6% Light-based depilation5% % At-home hair removal market is still dominated by cosmetics, yet appliances show the biggest growth.

10 No more nicks & cuts 10 Consumer insights Women still have many unmet needs regarding hair removal… No more dark shadows No more ingrown hair No more pain No more stubble No more stress No more hair in embarrassing areas No more skin irritation Consumer Needs No re-growth Regardless of the hair removal method, you always see hair growing back before you can remove it again. I wish I could be hair free everyday without getting stubbly in between. …finding a solution for the “no re-growth” problem would help solving most other unmet needs

11 11 FACTS AND TRENDS Introduction Market Trends Consumer Needs PRODUCT BENEFITS The Product Technology Explained Product Features SALES TALK Smart Sales Approach Cross Selling Sum it all up Lumea Training 2011

12 12 Evolution of female depilation methods Blade / Ladyshave Short term effect (1-2 days) Gentle Wax / Epilation Mid term effect (2-3 weeks) Limited gentleness Professional IPL / Laser Long term effect (6-12 months) Limited gentleness Expensive At home IPL / Laser Long term effect if maintained Gentle Convenient Cost effective The Product Finally breakthrough professional technology will be available at home! to root removal From surface removal to hair growth prevention …at home

13 13 Philips Lumea Breakthrough innovation by Philips IPL hair removal system for long lasting smoothness The Product

14 Lumea benefits 14 The Product Long lasting smoothness Philips Lumea offers an effective, long-lasting solution that enables you to enjoy smooth skin every day. Effortlessly effective Our studies show significant hair reduction after as little as two bi-weekly treatments. To keep skin silky smooth, repeat treatment every four to six weeks depending on individual hair regrowth and body area Gentle treatment even on sensitive skin Developed in close cooperation with leading dermatologists Maximum freedom, minimum hassle Cordless design for maximum freedom and reach Comes ready to work out of the box and does not require replacement lamps or gels Cost effective Lowest cost per treatment amongst leading IPL devices

15 15 The Lumea range The Product Lumea Precision SC2002 Recommended retail price: Lumea Precision Plus SC2003 Recommended retail price:

16 Comparison SKUSC2002SC2003 Lamp lifetime80,000100,000 Battery lifetime320 flashes370 flashes Flash intervals3.5sec3.8sec No of attachments22 Areasfacebodyfacebody Windows size2 cm23 cm22 cm24 cm2 StorageLuxury Case / Pouch Retail price

17 17 How does it work? Gentle pulses of light are applied The melanin in the hair absorbs the released light pulses The light produces heat in the hair, which is transferred to the hair follicle This stimulates the hair follicle to go into a resting phase As a consequence the hair sheds naturally and hair regrowth is inhibited Light based hair removal with Philips Lumea: IPL technology Technology Explained

18 Treatment 1Treatment 2Treatment 3Treatment 4Treatment 5 etc. 18 How does it work? Before treatment The application area needs to be shaven before treatment for: the best efficacy the most gentle treatment a long lifetime of the appliance 2 weeks 2-4 weeks Technology Explained This step can be left out as soon as there’s no visible hair regrowth. Usually this is after 4/5 treatments.

19 19 How does it work? Cleaning is necessary after each treatment: To ensure best results To ensure a long life for your appliance To avoid that any residue (hairs, dust, fibers) burns after flashing and will cause discomfort, pain or skin reactions Tip: instead of the cleaning cloth supplied, you can also use some water / high percentage alcohol and a cotton tip After treatment Technology Explained

20 The role of melanin 20 Melanin is susceptible to light and essential for an effective light- based treatment. Melanin is responsible for the pigmentation of the hair and skin. Darker hair colour More melanin Better light absorption More heat production More ef- fectiveness Technology Explained Darker skin colour More melanin Better light absorption More heat production More perceptible   More melanin in the hair root = darker hair Conclusion: the darker the hair, the more effective the treatment More melanin in the skin = darker skin Conclusion: the darker the skin, the more perceptible the treatment

21 21 Skin types and body hair colour Light-based depilation can work for most women. Technology Explained Skin tone Body hair colour WhiteBeigeLight brownMid brownDark brownBrownish black and darker Black  Dark brown  Brown  Dark blond  Light blond  Red  White/grey  Light-based depilation is not effective on very light (light blonde, red, grey and white) body hair or suitable for darker skin tones

22 22 Skin types and body hair colour Get to know different consumer skin types according to Fitzpatrick Technology Explained IIIIIIIVVVI Skin very light, light sensitive light, light sensitive medium lightbeige-olivemoderate brown Brownish black and darker Hair red or light blond blonddark blond or light brown dark brown or black black Eyes blueblue, green or hazel any color brown brown or black black Tanning neverminimally with difficulty moderately and uniformly moderately and easily profusely Sun burn if unprotected < 10 min.< 20 min.< 30 min.< 45 min.< 60 min.< 90 min. Type CelticCaucasian Mediterranea n & Hispanic M-Eastern & Asian African

23 23 The role of the hair growth cycle 1 Anagen phase (growing phase) = up to 90% of the hair The hair grows actively from the root. In this phase the concentration of melanin is highest. There are 3 hair growth phases: 2 Catagen phase (degradation phase) = 1-2% of the hair The hair growth stops and the root shrinks before the hair sheds. 3 Telogen phase (resting phase) = 10-14% of the hair The old hair separates from the root and is shed. The root remains at rest until the biological clock tells it to become active again and grow a new hair. Hairs on an area of skin are usually in different stages of the cycle of hair growth. Conclusion: hairs in the growing phase have enough melanin to be treated most effectively, so it takes several treatments to catch all hair roots in that phase. Technology Explained   

24 24 Is light-based depilation suitable for everyone? Technology Explained Light based hair removal is not suitable: On tattoos & piercings During breast feeding On light blonde, grey or red hair On moles or freckles For pregnant women On nipples On very dark skin (type VI) On children <14 years old

25 Quiz 25 Activity One at a time Use the Lumea packaging 10 minutes

26 I need help! 26 Q: Is Philips Lumea suitable for my skin and hair colour? BOTTOM BACKSIDE Q: How often do I need it to use it and for how long? Activity

27 27 General Description

28 28 Product Features Precision attachment (Lumea Precision) *full body treatment including two lower legs, bikini area and underarms Precision attachment For extra protection for face and other sensitive areas Additional reddish light filter The face is more sensitive to light-based treatments and therefore requires a specially designed solution. That is why Philips designed Lumea Precision, which includes the Precision attachment, for application on face and other sensitive areas. The precision attachment is also smaller in surface (2cm2) and is therefore more convenient to use on the face and other hard-to-reach areas

29 Safe-to-use 29 Philips Lumea : safe-to-use in the comfort of your home Philips Lumea has been developed in close cooperation with leading dermatologists to ensure the professional IPL technology is adapted for safe use at home. Dr. Vic A. Narurkar, consulting dermatologist, USA Dr. P. Berretty, supervising dermatologist, Netherlands Prof. Dr. P. Bjerring, supervising dermatologist, Denmark Product Features

30 Gentle application 30 Philips Lumea : effective treatment of all body hair Philips Lumea has been developed in close cooperation with leading dermatologists for a gentle application even on the face (Lumea Precision only) and other sensitive areas. It can be used to remove unwanted hair from body areas below the neckline: legs, bikini area, underarms, arms and stomach. Lumea Precision includes a specially designed precision attachment, that enables safe treatment also on the face below the cheek bone. Product Features

31 Supported by Philips’ heritage 31 Our heritage is in lighting, a key technology used for hair re-growth prevention A great history of bringing innovations safely to the consumers home, e.g. first shavers, DVD and CD Philips has made a difference in people’s health and wellbeing for decades As a company we have a strong presence in healthcare solutions and we are a key technology partner of leading hospitals worldwide We’ve started building our knowledge and experience of skin conditions within the company more than 15 years ago Philips Lumea was developed with leading dermatologists with over10 years of clinical and handling trials involving more than 2,000 women Product Features

32 Learning about consumers Unprecedented consumer feedback 80% prefer Lumea over their conventional method used for hair removal, including wax, shaving and epilation Positive word of mouth: 78% of women would recommend Lumea to a friend or relative 89% of women find Lumea (very) easy to use Over 30,000 women can’t be wrong! The response to Philips Lumea has been overwhelming and women everywhere are talking about the device that has revolutionized hair removal 32 Product Features MetrixLab, first shopper survey Western Europe, March 2011, N=1,280 To be updated with country specific data when appropriate

33 33 Philips Lumea vs. professional light-based treatments Lower energy x higher frequency = long lasting hair results Philips Lumea’s IPL technology uses lower energy levels than professional IPL technology: safe for use at home But, if used more frequently hair is prevented from growing back (Clinical studies show results are best maintained when the treatment is repeated every two to four weeks however the time between intervals can be extended depending on personal hair regrowth) If you were to visit a salon for laser or IPL hair treatment, the cost for a whole course of laser hair treatment ranges from: Bikini 350$-500$ Lower legs 600$-850$ Under arms 250$-350$ Upper legs 600$-850$ Finally, because of the gentleness of Lumea you do not need to wear goggles or apply protective gel before treatment, as at the professional. American Society of Plastic Surgeons  Lumea vs. professional Product Features

34 USE AND LEARN Question How long does it take to treat the underarms, the bikini area and both legs? Answer 34 A fully charged battery offers at least 370 flashes at setting 5 = approx. 20 minutes. On a lower setting (less efficacious!) the battery could last up to 3x longer. Tip: treatments are not messy and do not require any water or additives, so you can use it wherever you want, e.g. while watching TV Depending on skin surface and experience

35 Quiz 35 Activity All together Answer the following questions 5 minutes

36 36 Quiz Activity Name at least three benefits of Philips Lumea over current hair removal methods? No hair regrowth = no stubble No hair regrowth = no more dark shadows No hair regrowth = no ingrown hair No stress; always ready to wear whatever you want whenever you want No mess; can be used outside the bathroom, even while sitting on the couch Gentle method with adjustable settings

37 Be sure to wash yourself before a treatment with Lumea 37 What does this warning icon represent? Careful, Lumea might leave spots Do not use Lumea on freckles Quiz Activity Philips Lumea has a UV filter to protect the skin, but avoid treatment of freckles, moles and scars, as light could influence their appearance which makes it harder to identify skin related diseases (not caused by Philips Lumea).

38 Can Philips Lumea be used for a full bikini area depilation including sensitive areas? 38 Quiz Activity Yes No 1 2 Yes, Philips Lumea is safe and gentle enough to treat the complete bikini area - for example a ‘Brazilian’ or ‘Hollywood’ (all off) look.

39 After recent sunbath 39 What does this warning icon represent? Do not use in direct sunlight Do not use on sunburned skin Quiz Activity Philips Lumea should not be used within 48 hours after a sunbath or on sunburned skin. The skin needs time to restore from sun exposure.

40 Only the first few treatments 40 Do I have to shave before using Lumea? Yes, always No Quiz Activity Shaving is necessary to ensure that the light energy is channeled to the hair root in the most efficient way. Furthermore, visible hairs in the treatment area can be burnt by the light and can thus cause an unpleasant smell and feeling.

41 If Lumea is effective for the mother, it will also be effective for the daughter 41 What does this warning icon represent? Children may only use Lumea in the presence of an adult Lumea may not be used by children Quiz Activity Philips Lumea is not intended for children younger than 14 years. Teenagers aged between 15 and 18 years can use the appliance with the consent of their parents. Adults from 19 years and older can use the appliance freely.

42 42 Can I hurt my eyes by using Philips Lumea? Quiz Activity Not if protective glasses are used Yes No The light, which is only slightly visible during use due to reflection on the skin is harmless for eyes. The safety system prevents unintentional flashing when not in contact with the skin. It is not necessary to wear protective glasses.

43 43 FACTS AND TRENDS Introduction Market Trends Consumer Needs PRODUCT BENEFITS The Product Technology Explained Product Features SALES TALK Smart Sales Approach Cross Selling Sum it all up Lumea Training 2011

44 Explain Three key steps Discover Reassure Know what your customer wants! Know the product, and be prepared for questions! Handle objections with confidence! 44 Smart Sales Approach

45 45 Discover Women 25 to 45 years old Living in metropolitan areas Higher social and income classes Open to innovation and willing to try new things Heavily interested in beauty related topics like fashion, cosmetics, spas, beauty salons… Spend a lot more time and money on beauty related topics than an average female consumer Has used several hair removal methods, but is still looking for the perfect hair removal method Target group Smart Sales Approach

46 Explain: how to demonstrate Have consumers experience the treatment by demonstrating: At a low setting, e.g. setting 1 On a flat (not bony) area with little hair, e.g. the inner arm In-store demo tips for effective usage Always hold Lumea on the skin in 90° angle and ensure the ‘ready- to-flash’ lights is on Demo on the skin how it should be treated; with overlapping steps and by lifting between each flash 46 Smart Sales Approach Always check first that the consumer’s skin colour is suitable for treatment: do not demonstrate on consumers with naturally very dark skin tones

47 Explain 47 6 key benefits of Philips Lumea that will convince your customer Smart Sales Approach 1.Long lasting smoothness: an effective, long-lasting solution that enables you to enjoy smooth skin every day. No more stubble, no more ingrown hairs, no dark shadows, always ready to wear what you want 2.Safe-to-use: developed with leading dermatologists, 6 years of clinical and handling trials involving more than 2,000 women 3.Gentle treatment even on sensitive skin: no painful root hair removal, 5 energy setting to adapt to your skin type 4.Very easy to use: cordless for maximum freedom in the comfort of your own home, simple and intuitive operation 5.No replacement parts needed: includes a high performance lamp that doesn’t require replacing and saves you time and money on replacement parts 6.Affordable: lowest cost per treatment amongst leading IPL/laser devices


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