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Science Data & Graphics 8 th Grade Science Testing Tuesday Practice.

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1 Science Data & Graphics 8 th Grade Science Testing Tuesday Practice

2 What Would Be a Good title for this data table? A. All about our Class! B. First Hour C. Physical Traits of Students D. Science Class Data

3 P1P1 F1F1 F2F2 Why are all first generation flowers gray? a. Gray is the dominant color. b. Gray is the recessive color. c. Gray is the darker color. d. It is just a coincidence.

4 P1P1 F1F1 F2F2 What ratio explains the gray flowers and white flower in the second generation? a. 1 to 1 b. 2 to 1 c. 3 to 1 d. 4 to 1

5 What is the genotype of the offspring represented in the upper left-hand box of the Punnett square? A RR B Rr C rr D rrr

6 What is the ratio of Rr (purple- flowered plants) to rr (white- flowered plants) in the offspring? A 1:3 B 2:2 C 3:1 D 4:0

7 If T represents the allele for tall pea plants and t represents the allele for short pea plants, what is the phenotype of parent 1? A. Tall C. medium height B. Short

8 After 5 days, which population has more individuals? APopulation A has more individuals. B Population B has more individuals. C The populations are the same. D There is not enough information to determine the answer.

9 On day 10, which statement is probably true? APopulation B is larger than population A. BPopulation A is the same as it was on day 5. CPopulation A and B are the same. DPopulation B is the same as it was on day 5.

10 What can you infer from the graph about how the monarch’s environmental conditions changed between 1993 and 1994? A Conditions became less favorable each year from 1990- 1993. B Conditions did not change between 1993 and 1994. C Conditions were best for the monarch in 1993. D. Conditions were least favorable for the monarch in 1993.

11 At which birth weight is an infant most likely to survive? A. 1 lbsB. 3 lbs C. 5 lbsD. 7 lbs

12 In Australia, many animals look like mammals from other parts of the world. But most of the mammals in Australia are marsupials, which carry their young in pouches after birth. Few kinds of marsupials are found anywhere else in the world. What is a possible explanation for the presence of so many of these unique mammals in Australia? This is probably due to… A. selective breeding. B. interbreeding C. isolation D. generation time

13 Gray Whale Migration Route The gray whale’s seasonal migration includes being in the warm waters of Mexico for their mating and calving grounds during winter. Where would you most likely be able to observe whales during the summer? A.Observation posts 16-20 B.Observation posts 11-15 C.Observation posts 5-10 D.Observation posts 1-4

14 In which location would animals be more likely to estivate? to hibernate? AGlacier Park; Grand Canyon BGlacier Park; Glacier Park CGrand Canyon; Grand Canyon DGrand Canyon; Glacier Park

15 During which three months would animals be most likely to estivate? AMay, June, and July BJune, July, and August CDecember, January, and February DJanuary, February, and March

16 Average Beak Measurements of Birds of the Colores Islands Island Average beak length (mm) Average beak width (mm) Number of unique species Verde9.76.55 Azul8.98.715 Rosa5.28.010 What is the relationship between beak length and beak width? A As length increases, width increases (positive) B As length increases, width decreases (negative) C As length decreases, width increases (reverse) D There is no relationship between variables.

17 Tuesday’s Testing Tips Practice Which of these statements is an example of a hypothesis that is written correctly? –A. Does the weight of the bowling ball affect how fast it rolls down the alley? –B. I think smaller bowling balls roll the best. –C. The lighter the bowling ball, the faster it will roll. –D. The weight of the bowling ball will affect how fast it rolls down the alley.

18 Kaibab Deer

19 Homeostasis What temperature is “normal”? What do you think is happening between Tuesday & Friday? How could you improve the construction of the graph?

20 Bee Experiment GroupType of beeTime of day Type of plantFlower color #1Honeybee9:00 –10:00 A.M. Portland rosered #2Honeybee9:00.–10:00 A.M. Portland roseyellow #3Honeybee9:00.–10:00 A.M. Portland rosewhite #4Honeybee9:00.–10:00 A.M. Portland rosepink Which variable(s) is/are constant? A.Type of beeC. Time of Day B.Type of PlantD. Flower Color

21 Bee Experiment Group Type of bee Time of day Type of plant Flower color #1 Honey bee 9:00 – 10:00 A.M. Portland rosered #2 Honey bee 9:00.– 10:00 A.M. Portland roseyellow #3 Honey bee 9:00.– 10:00 A.M. Portland rosewhite #4 Honey bee 9:00.– 10:00 A.M. Portland rosepink Which of the following hypotheses could be tested by this experiment? A.The earlier it is in the morning, the more bees will visit. B.The darker the flower color, the more bees will visit. C.Bees prefer roses to other flowers. D. The type of bees will depend on the flower color.

22 As the dog runs faster, how does the amount of energy it consumes per hour change? A -The energy consumed increases. B -The energy consumed decreases. C-The energy consumed remains the same. D -Changes in the energy consumed are not related to changes in the dog’s speed.

23 In which condition was the frictional force the greatest? Tire & Road ConditionsSkid Distance Dry Pavement, Regular Tires7 Wet Pavement, Regular Tires10 Ice on the road, Snow tires40 Ice on the road, Regular tires50 A.Dry pavement, Regular tires B. Wet pavement, Regular tires C.Ice on the road, Snow tires D.Ice on the road, Regular tires

24 A 0 pollen grains per cubic meter B 75 pollen grains per cubic meter C 175 pollen grains per cubic meter D 250 pollen grains per cubic meter What was the pollen count for grasses on April 25?

25 A April 21, April 22, and April 23 B April 22 and April 23 C April 23, April 24, and April 25 D April 24 and April 25 On what days were the total pollen counts lower than 100 pollen grains per cubic meter?

26 Pie Chart - Kinds of Plants Which of the following types of plants is the least common? Aferns and their relatives Bmosses and their relatives Cangiosperms Dgymnosperms

27 Rainfall Ratios The tropical rain forest receives up to 400 cm of rain per year. The desert receives up to 25 cm of rain per year. Which of the following simplified fractions compares rainfall in the desert to rainfall in the rain forest? A1/400 B 1/25 C 1/16 D 16

28 The container is divided by a membrane. What can you conclude from the diagram? A -Water molecules can pass through the membrane. B -Food-coloring molecules can pass through the membrane. C -Both water molecules and food- coloring molecules can pass through the membrane. D -Neither water molecules nor food-coloring molecules can pass through the membrane.

29 Which type of amphibian has the fewest number of species that have declining populations? A-Toads B-Frogs C-Salamanders D-The amphibian populations are equally threatened.

30 Trashing It If each person in a city of 500,000 people throws away 12 kg of trash each week, how many metric tons of trash does the city produce per year? (There are 1,000 kg in a metric ton.) A6,000 metric tons B26,000 metric tons C312,000 metric tons D312,000,000 metric tons

31 Recycling Producing one ton of new glass creates about 175 kg of mining waste. Using 50% recycled glass cuts this rate by 75%. Which of the following equations calculates y, the mass of mining waste produced using 50% recycled glass? Ay 5 175 × 0.25 By 5175 × 0.75 Cy 5 175 × 0.5 Dy 5 175 ÷ 0.75

32 What percentage of the energy used in the world comes from coal? A22% B24% C28% D38%

33 What percentage of the energy used in the world comes from fossil fuels? A54% B84% C96% D100%

34 What is the total percentage of energy used for resources that do not include fossil fuels? A3% B16% C24% D64%

35 Bio Fuels Cora’s car runs on alcohol made from corn. Cora drives her car 12,000 km per year, and her car’s gas mileage is 30 km/L. If 200 L of alcohol can be obtained from each acre of corn that is processed, about how many acres of corn would Cora have to process to fuel her car for a year? A1 acre B2 acres C8 acres D50 acres

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