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Coffee painting.

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1 Coffee painting

2 How to make coffee paint
Use instant coffee and combine with water and boil down until of thick consistency. Pour into container.

3 Using it as water color The more water you add to it the lighter the color and the less water the darker you get. You can only get so dark with the first coat of coffee so you have to let it dry where you want darker areas to be. Layer the coffee on the area you want to be darker.

4 What do you have to know Coffee is not for giving at all on water color paper meaning you cant eras all the color out. But if you paint the coffee on a canvas you can completely take the color off if you make a mistake.

5 texture

6 Look alike

7 Lights and darks

8 ? How do you prepare the paper before you paint?
There is no preparation required.



11 ? What kind of coffee do you use? It Doesn't matter but if it's decaf? Theres a difference in the texture? Cheap 99 cent store coffee, or decaf, or regular, but in instant form.

12 ? How do you dilute the strength of the coffee?
Just like watercolor--add water to dilute and layer for stronger values or use very heavy mixture.

13 Not finished


15 requirements -has to be in coffee
-on water color paper size 11in x 15in -good use of lights and darks -show a good time spent on it -Has to be a person..

16 What do you want to paint .

17 Have fun with it

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