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Horse Colors and Markings

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1 Horse Colors and Markings
Animal Science

2 Colors

3 Bay Reddish coat always have black points (legs, muzzle, mane and tail, and tips of ears) Many have black legs that are covered by white markings

4 Brown Mixed black and brown in coat Black points

5 Sorrel Lighter reddish brown
“coppery” points (mane, tail, legs and ears) are same color as body (other than white markings)

6 Chestnut Darker reddish brown
points are same color as body (other than white markings)

7 Black have pure black coats with no signs of any other color
Many mistake as bays or browns Have to check coat color in the winter

8 Palomino have gold-colored coat with a white or light cream colored mane and tail coat can range from a light off-white shade to a deep shade of gold

9 Buckskin light-to-dark sandy yellow or tan color
with all black points. similar to duns, but do not have a dorsal stripe

10 Cremello Almost white coat Mane and tail same as body color
Eyes always pale blue

11 Perlino Almost white coat
Mane and tail bit darker with light copper/orange hue Eyes always pale blue

12 Dun have sandy/yellow coat Mane and tail black
legs are usually darker than their body always have a "dorsal" stripe a dark stripe down the middle of their back

13 Red Dun Yellowish to flesh colored coat
Mane/tail- reddish, flaxen, white, mixed Reddish dorsal stripe

14 Grullo (grew-yo) Black skin Gray/smoky coat Mane/tail black
Lower legs black Usually with black dorsal stripe

15 Red Roan Mix of red and white hair Red on head and lower legs
Red or flaxen mane/tail

16 Bay Roan Mix red and white hair Darker head Black points

17 Blue Roan Mix white and black hair (looks blue)
Darker on head and legs

18 Gray have black skin with white or gray hair
sometimes born black or brown, but coat gets lighter as they age

19 White are very rare have pink skin, usually hazel or brown eyes and white hair.

20 Markings

21 Facial Star Snip Stripe

22 Facial Blaze Bald Lip Muzzle

23 Leg

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