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Quantum Consciousness “Expanding your personal universe” Peter Smith Founder Institute for Quantum Consciousness

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1 Quantum Consciousness “Expanding your personal universe” Peter Smith Founder Institute for Quantum Consciousness 1

2 Science, Consciousness and Spirituality... “Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.” - Carl Sagan “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.” - Martin Luther King, Jr “Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe -- a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.“ - Albert Einstein “Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.” - Wayne Dwyer “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.” - Carl Jung 2©Institute for Quantum Consciousness

3 Quantum Physics now tells us… We are a collective of seemingly empty sub atomic particles The rules of Newtonian Physics no longer hold in the Quantum Realm At the micro level the world is about possibility not certainty Scientific experimentation validates the findings, as do the Mathematical formulas...predictions are confirmed String Theory the “theory of everything” offers an all encompassing philosophy of the universe... 3 ©Institute for Quantum Consciousness

4 Some of the basic Quantum Physics Principles… The Observer Effect (we affect what we observe) Non Locality (everywhere until observed) Entanglement (“Spooky action at a distance – Einstein”) Holographic nature of the universe 4 ©Institute for Quantum Consciousness

5 “ If the particles we are made of can be in instantaneous communication with one another, exist in two places at once, live in the past as well as the future, and even change history through choices in the present, then we can too. The only difference between those isolated particles and us is that we are made of a lot of them, held together by the power of consciousness itself...” Gregg Braden (The Divine Matrix) 5 ©Institute for Quantum Consciousness

6 The Essence of Quantum Consciousness … The Creator Effect.... “ The creation of deep and profound healing” Everywhereness... “We flow with the energy to where the greatest wisdom may be offered” Intanglement... “ We open a portal to deeper realms of consciousness” Holographic Healing... “As we heal in each realm of consciousness, we send a wave of wisdom through all the others” Quantum Principles Expanded States of Consciousness Quantum Consciousness Experience 6 ©Institute for Quantum Consciousness

7 The Expanding Realms of Consciousness Model Present Consc Stored Consciousness The Fabric of the Cosmos Eternal Consciousness Interdimensional Consc Parallel Consciousness Alternate Consciousness 7 ©Institute for Quantum Consciousness

8 A concept for Alternate Realities… Reality A Life Selection & Planning “Pre-life” Point of Choice “Free Will” Creator Effect Pre-destined Quantum Event Remembering Non-Locality & Entanglement Reality B Split in the linear timeline All Consciousness has the pure intention to evolve 8 ©Institute for Quantum Consciousness

9 Five principles of Quantum Consciousness We are a human portal to all realms of consciousness. Our unique consciousness has the pure intention to evolve. Our intention to evolve embraces multi-dimensional interactions with others. As we unite intentions with others we amplify consciousness. We send an instantaneous wave of evolving consciousness rippling through our Holographic Universe into the Fabric of the Cosmos. 9 ©Institute for Quantum Consciousness

10 The Institute for Quantum Consciousness was created to … 10 ©Institute for Quantum Consciousness Explore Undertake research into the field of consciousness. Create and evolve philosophies and theories that embrace expanded states of awareness and quantum principles. Experiment, enhance and implement new models and techniques. Empower Offer facilitator training to alternate health practitioners/energy workers. Provide ongoing support to a growing global network of Quantum Consciousness facilitators. Engage Expand the general public’s awareness of Quantum Consciousness. Promote a network of accredited Quantum Consciousness Facilitators.

11 Research findings from our cases to date 11 ©Institute for Quantum Consciousness Our deliberate intention to transcend the heavy energy of trauma has resulted in lighter sessions than traditional therapy Often a theme emerges that moves across the various realms we visit, bringing complimentary but separate insights The client experience is more pronounced if they have experienced expanded states of awareness previously The results are inspiring and empowering as the client finds the resources they need in their own personal universe Over 100 cases observed/documented

12 In the client’s own words… 12 "This modality is a key that opens the doorway to endless possibilities of healing and insight. Quantum Consciousness is a powerful, elegant and concise methodology with profound implications... Jenny, New York, USA Many of my familiar themes were revisited with fresh perspective and a deeper realization of their value to my growth. There was a real sense of wrapping up all the experiences I've had in to a timeless bundle delivered to consciously serve and energize the "now" experience fully. " - Faith, North Carolina USA "Quantum Consciousness can be used to target life long issues for profound healing not only in present consciousness, but across the multiple dimensions of our eternal being." - Ann, Alabama, USA "This is a delicate, refined, sweet and sensitive energy, without the complexities or heaviness of trauma energy." - Melissa, Melbourne, Australia. “ It was the easiest release of guilt I’ve ever experienced. I’ve seen various psychologists and therapists over the years and the guilt was tapped and small chunks dislodged but this session dropped the whole mountain in an instant! The guilt was there and then it was gone. Like magic, it disappeared" - Clare, Sydney, Australia. "It was immensely useful to be so involved with my own healing and I could feel a huge shift in my energy, more so than for any other "self work" I have done." - Maria, Sydney, Australia

13 Next steps…. 13 The Research continues Experiences offered by accredited Facilitators More training of high quality Facilitators Publishing our findings: “Quantum Consciousness – Expanding your personal universe” (later in 2015) Expand your personal universe Change your view of the world through any form of exploration, insight, reading, conversations. If we all knew who we really were the world would be a different place...

14 14 ©Institute for Quantum Consciousness Wisdom Authenticity Integrity Transformation Institute for Quantum Consciousness “Expanding realms of human understanding”

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